EP Review: Inhuman Remnants - Solipsis

Artist: Inhuman Remnants

Title: Solipsis

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date: 1 June 2018

Review by Steve Jenkins

Emerging from the depths of Hell comes a devastating and brutal band hailing from Australia's capital city, Canberra. Inhuman Remnants are a deeply dark and ferocious force that have been around since 2011, and since then have become a mainstay of the death metal scene in Australia. As not many bands in this country can produce this disturbing display of horror heard through their sound. Prepare to be crushed.

The EP opens with a one minute long intro titled "Solipsis I" with eerie noises and words in the background which resemble people making a shocking discovery or preparing for total annihilation, which is what comes next with "Solipsis II." Their style of death metal is nothing new, but the way that it's executed is absolutely relentless. The influences on this EP are not exactly obvious throughout either, which is a credit to the band as they don't straight away make you think of a particular band.

“Solipsis III” is what's left after the chaos and destruction has taken place, you're left shaken, beaten, bloodied and bruised. A perfect end to a short but disgustingly heavy offering.

This EP will have you skipping back and pressing that repeat button because it does make you want more, and with each listen you pick up on parts you may have missed while you were banging your head as hard as humanly possible. You can tell that Inhuman Remnants put a lot of effort into this 8 minute long EP, and one can only imagine what this band is capable of if they were to release a full length album one day. That is something I am very much hoping for and I think it would really test their consistency and makes me wonder what we'd hear in terms of variations of their brutal style. But for now, I'm all about this band and it's the sort of death metal that makes my balls tingle.

8.5 out of 10.

Get your copy HERE.

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