Trophy Eyes Announce New Album & Release New Single

Trophy Eyes have revealed details for their upcoming record, The American Dream, slated for an August 3rd release via Hopeless Records/UNIFIED. The first single from the album, 'You Can Count On Me', premiered on triple j's Good Nights last night - you can watch the new video below.

'You Can Count On Me' is a reaction to the negative and judgemental treatment a lot of artists experience on social media today, shining a spotlight on the impact that this negativity can have on their mental health. Frontman John Floreani explains “In many ways, ‘You Can Count on Me’ is a push back - a voice for those who choose not to defend themselves against the growing torch and pitchfork mentality that encircles performers in the era of modern music. Artists used to be a respected breed. With the uprising of social media, it’s as if listeners think they know us. They follow our every move and make judgments on our character based on a photo they may have seen, or a statement someone may have made.”

The third album in their discography, The American Dream is based on the idea that there is still utopia left on this planet. It also serves as a coming-of-age fable, in which Floreani takes an introspective look at who he is today. His story is brought to life in vivid colour with string arrangements produced by Chris Craker, who has worked on the soundtrack of Hans Zimmer's score of Interstellar and Zimmer's The Classics. “This record is about my life in present time and a reflection on who I was and how I got here,” Floreani explains. “As much of the other Trophy Eyes works have been the hate, violence, addiction and heartbreak I fought so desperately to leave behind, this record is about shedding one’s past, transitioning from boy to man, making a home and wanting nothing more in life than to sit and enjoy the silence.”

The American Dream, out August 3rd, is available now for pre-order here. 'You Can Count On Me' is currently available on all streaming platforms.


1. Autumn 2. Something Bigger Than This 3. Friday Forever 4. More Like You 5. Cotton Candy Sky 6. You Can Count On Me 7. Broken 8. Tip Toe 9. Lavender Bay 10. Miming In The Choir 11. A Symphony Of Crickets 12. I Can Feel It Calling

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