Archspire Are Heading To Perth!

After a massive rally to get Canadian tech-death metallers, Archspire, to play in Perth whilst they're in the country for the upcoming Psycroptic tour in August, the overwhelming support was enough to make it happen!

Canadian technical death outfit Archspire exude talent, drive, creativity, and absolute dedication. A tight live performance, where impressive speeds come grinding to a halt, and in even less time twist and contort into complex passages rife with beautiful harmonies, juxtaposed against insidious melodies. An attention to song writing, focusing not only on technicality, but originality as well, take this sub genre and put it on it's ear. When all the elements required align in such a way that they form something original, and interesting, it becomes a catalyst for something new... and in the case of Archspire, all has indeed, aligned. Direct support comes in the form of technical brutal death metal veterans Grotesque, having just recently returned from their Las Vegas Deathfest appearance where they carved their name firmly onto the international stage. With the challenge of starting the night in the right tone, death metal / grindcore crossover unit Unravel, will prove why that have achieved so much in so little time and bulldoze their way into your next playlist.

Tickets on sale now -

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