EP Review: Âme Noire - The Tree That Bears Rotten Fruit

Artist: Âme Noire

Album: The Tree That Bears Rotten Fruit

Genre: Melancholic Death Metal

Release Date: 13 July 2018

Review by Steve Jenkins

If someone asked me to show them a band that embodies brutality, melody and filthy, utterly disgusting breakdowns then I would play them this EP. Melbourne's latest force to be reckoned with, Âme Noire, are a melancholic death metal band that are fairly new on the scene, but mark my words you're going to be hearing and seeing them a lot more once this release gets into your ears and scrambles your insides their chaotic and crushing style.

Showcasing an impressive mastery over the various stylistic weapons that can be heard executed from the Âme Noire arsenal, this young and talented band are extreme-ly tight sounding. From the unforgiving sounds of opener "What Lurks Below" which straight away smashes you in the face with intensity whilst giving you a clear understanding of what sort of mayhem you're in for.

One of the more impressive parts of the album is the performance by lead vocalist Alex Hill. His powerful vocals demand your attention at all times as he showcases his astonishing range. From the brutal gutteral lows of "Slave To The Grave," to his high-pitched rasp towards the end of title track "The Tree The Bears Rotten Fruit," Hill is an absolute force behind the microphone, there's no doubt about it. In conclusion, Âme Noire have released what is possibly one of the heaviest and best sounding EP's I've heard in a very long time. Clearly marking their territory in the Aussie death metal scene as a band to keep your ears and eyes on. Everything here is more than solid right from the start, with shredding riffs, unholy gutteral vocals and evil sounding screams, backed by accompanying instruments, all playing their part well. You'll probably want to plan ahead and place all of your valuable possessions in a safe place, because once you hear The Tree That Bears Rotten Fruit, you'll want to destroy everything in sight. For a dark and melancholic metal band, they have a very bright future ahead of themselves.

8 out of 10.

Pre-order at: www.amenoireau.bigcartel.com

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