Gig Review: Hardcore Superstar + Supports @ Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane

Headliner: Hardcore Superstar

Supports: Dirty Brew, Snake Bite Whisky, Smoking Martha

Review by: Jay Kleinschmidt

Photos by: Tam Schilling @TamCamImages

Hardcore Superstar continued their long-overdue Australian tour in Brisbane last night with an intimate, yet energised performance at the Woolly Mammoth. The fans could hardly contain their excitement for this concert with moshing and stage-diving on overdrive. Adding to performance were the 3 awesome support bands to get everyone into gear.

The first support was Dirty Brew. Their sound had an awesome blend on Pantera meets Black Stone Cherry. One of the guitarists even had a guitar just like Dimebag, although he sported more of a Rob Zombie look. Their riffs were awesome and tight and had a slight southern feel to it. Good stuff guys, definitely started the night off well, and my personal favourite band of the night.

Next support was Snake Bite Whisky. They looked like they just came from Sunset Strip in L.A. in the form of a possible lovechild of Mötley Crüe and Poison. The big hair, makeup and aviator sunglasses were there in spades with this band. Great effort on the costumes, guys.

Third support was Smoking Martha, a tight female-fronted rock band. The tight riffs were matched only by the singer’s really long, blonde hair, which she whipped all around the stage. Towards the end of their set, the night’s patrons had finally filed in. Ultimately, it wasn’t a huge crowd, but it was a very enthused crowd.

The crowd were hanging for Hardcore Superstar at this point, and they were not disappointed. The band was on point - tight and full of energy. There was crowd surfing and there probably wasn’t enough people to crowd surf safely but they did it anyways! The moshing was definitely reminiscent of a late 90s Limp Bizkit concert. People were just climbing on the stage whenever they felt like it and diving off. I even saw security telling people to get down from tabletops! It was a randy crowd, that’s for sure!

At one point in the show the roadie jumps on the drum kit while the drummer proceeds to serve out alcohol to patrons, which they brought onto the stage - about 20 people at least. This band knows how to party, they also know how to play. Jocke’s vocals were on point, Vic’s shredding was top notch and the rhythm section of Martin and Adde were a tight sprocket set.

Their ballade, "Someone Special" also got more stage diving. Jocke assured us Brisbane crowd that no audience has ever stage dived to that song, but I get the feeling he was pissing in our pockets. It worked.

Finally, the last song, "Above the Law", finished the night. With the crowd cheering for more, we know the set is over as the drummer starts disassembling his kit and passing it down to the audience, which is a pretty creative way to pack down for the night.

It was a fun night and fans will eagerly await the return of Hardcore Superstar. Good stuff, guys!

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