Show Us Ya Tees: Jarred Young of Bad Pony

If you're a music lover, then chances are you've got a wardrobe full to the brim of band tees you cherish. Whether you wear them to rep your favourite artists today, or keep them as tattered, worn momentos, we all treasure our band merch - the unofficial uniform of music fans the world over. For this edition of Show Us Ya Tees, Jarred Young of indie rock band Bad Pony has shared some of his favourite shirts in these totally casual, candid photos.

If you want to know more about Bad Pony, you can grab their latest EP Deficiency which is out now, or catch them on tour (dates below).

1 – St. Paul and The Broken Bones

This soul band from Alabama cook up some delightfully funky tunes. If you’re ever feeling down, pop them on. They’ll make you feel better, I promise. Their vocalist is absolutely insane. My girlfriend gave this to me as a present and I’ve worn the hell out of it, it’s got a little tear on the sleeve but I still loves it. Also my girlfriend is very good at baking. I am not - I'm not actually whisking anything in this picture. It's staged. I'm a phoney.

2 – All Our Exes Live in Texas

Hands down the best Alt Country band in Australia right miaow (Although they’re in America right miaow). They are impeccable songwriters, have a lifetime of performance skills between them and as this simple but delicious tee displays; typography game out the wazoo. This is maybe the fourth time I've been a human mannequin (humanequin) for this band.

3 – Eliza & The Delusionals

Laundry sucks. I managed to hide the back which I got dirty. White shirts = good but also = hard to stay clean when your legs are too long for you to manage balancing on. Also, pink = good. This band has really strong pink branding and also super great rock tunes and a warm & friendly demeanour.

4 – Feelds

Decorated cuffs are a brilliant idea. For me, this tee is just a bridging fashion to the Jacobean ruff. I’m nearly game enough to bring it into this century. Also, James (Feelds) is my best buddy and writes sick songs and I get to play drums with him because I live in Melbourne now. Isn’t life fantastic?

5 – Halcyon Drive

Navy is a good colour because a) Nobody sells Navy tees these days and b) It gives the illusion of cleanliness and you can covertly do all your dusty farm chores in your RM Billiams and c) Because this is a Halcyon Drive tee and they’re hotdiggitydamned amazing. Max is the coolest drummer in Australia and nobody is allowed to disagree please because that’s just pure fact.

Catch Bad Pony on their Deficiency EP tour at one of the below dates

June 21st Waywards Sydney

with Wharves Tickets

June 22nd Cambridge Hotel Newcastle

with Wharves


June 23rd Rad Bar Wollongong

with Wharves Tickets

June 29th Byron Brewery Byron Bay

with Wharves

Free Entry

June 30th Black Bear Lodge Brisbane

with Wharves Tickets

For more info, go to

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