Album Review: Impending Doom - The Sin And Doom Vol. II

Artist: Impending Doom

Album: The Sin And Doom Vol. II

Genre: Deathcore

Release Date: 22 June 2018

Review by Steve Jenkins

Californinan deathcore/death metal masters, Impending Doom, arise once again from where they began, their own alpha and omega as a band, crafting the sixth album as punishing, focused, bottom-heavy, and musically blood-soaked as the earliest efforts that first won them notice before any notions of commerce beckoned them toward the more commonplace career path of the metal music industry.

Being labelled as a Christian Deathcore band, whether you love or hate the message that they try to spread, you can't deny that Impending Doom write some of the most crushing and heavy music that's out there. All you have to do is listen to "The Serpents Tongue" where vocalist Brook Reeves clearly screams the words "I am a Christian, a faithful man of God." The Sin And Doom Vol. II is a musical blunt force trauma, from a personal place of desperate salvation and resolve. No competition, no compromise, no careerism. Impending Doom are renewed, purer than ever, united in their collective vision to create the heaviest metal imaginable.

The Sin And Doom Vol. II is not only one of the most brutal and crushing releases of 2018 so far, this is one of the most hard hitting powerful albums you will ever hear. If you thought 2013's Death Will Reign was insanely heavy, this ups the ante to new heights of absolutely filthy and enormous sonic brilliance. Instrumentally it' their most cohesive and varied release to date, and Brook Reeves is on another level entirely with his screams/growls and showcases one of the greatest performances I've heard from this style of music.

There are negatives here, however. while it’s a very diverse album as far as deathcore standards are concerned. It’s still full of breakdowns, blast beats, bass drops and everything else we’ve all come to either love or just tolerate from this genre. The Sin And Doom Vol. II is undeniably trying to steer away from its deathcore roots and approaching further into death metal territory than ever before, whilst maintaining the origins and roots that made this band special.

Ultimately, however, The Sin And Doom Vol. II has far more positives than it has sins, and it's arguably the best deathcore slash death metal album I've heard this year, but to be fair it hasn't been a very memorable year in that regards. It’s diverse, it’s engaging and it’s unbelievably heavy from start to finish, and that's enough for me because that's what I want to hear. Frankly, that’s its biggest asset. Whilst I might not agree with their beliefs, I agree with the music that they are putting forth because it completely rules and it sounds tougher than most devil worshiping, hate fueled, anti-religion band out there right now. If you've recently become sick and tired of the stagnant deathcore sounds, I highly recommend you check this album out, it might restore your faith in that particular genre.

8 out of 10.

The Sin And Doom Vol. II is out now via Entertainment One Music.

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