Interview: Tomina Vincent of Flynn Effect

Powerful and captivating Brisbane alternative rock band, Flynn Effect, are known for blending a full on heavy rock assault accompanied by a thunderous rhythm section featuring guitars, synth and incredible vocals. This band are quite capable of becoming a big deal not only here in Australia but overseas as well. Starting in 2014, Flynn Effect have quickly become a must see live band and they've been working hard as they embark on a new journey, with the release of a new EP and a national tour in its support. The first single "Believer" was a big success and now they've given us another new single called "Colossus" which premiered today over at Wall Of Sound. Their Monument EP will be out July 6th, but before that, we got to speak with the enchanting vocalist, Tomina, about what they've been upto, new music, touring and much more.

How have the single launch dates been so far? Would you say it's been a successful run of shows?

It’s been a lot of fun actually, we played with some awesome bands and add the road trip, it’s been great!

Have you had fun playing with the other bands on this tour and have you made some new friends?

We certainly have, we supported Dreamers Crime on both NSW dates and they’re a really great bunch of guys. Also really enjoyed Eviscerate the Crown, I highly recommend them to anyone into Parkway Drive or Amity.

Have you noticed a difference between playing in Brisbane compared to playing somewhere like Melbourne or Sydney?

Brisbane is always really great for us as a hometown, we love our Brisbane family. Sydney is always a little difficult but Melbourne is our home away from home, we really can’t wait to get there this weekend! Overall we’ve been really lucky, we’ve played some great places and shared the stage with awesome bands, so I can’t complain!

Flynn Effect have supported some massive international acts so far this year, including Wednesday 13 and Seether, has there been a highlight or special moment during these shows?

Both shows were incredible, I still can’t believe they happened. But we were definitely flabbergasted by the response we received from the crowd at Seether. They were deafeningly loud after every track and we were overwhelmed by the amount of people who came over to have a chat after the show. I remember pausing between songs for a moment and struggling not to cry. It’s incredibly special to be offered an opportunity like that, especially after all the blood, sweat and tears that go into this so I will never forget that, it was wonderful.

If you had to name a couple of bands from overseas or even from Australia that you'd love to tour with, who would they be?

My dream is to tour with Karnivool or Birds of Tokyo. I’m a huge fan and they really kickstarted my musical journey so it would be quite sentimental and surreal. We’d also absolutely love to play alongside Sabbaton, Lacuna Coil (again!), Devin Townsend, Avatar...the list is endless really!

What was the best thing about recording your new EP Monument which is out on July 6th?

I personally hate recording if I’m honest, but this time around we really captured some real emotions and I’m very proud of that, as excruciating as the process was. We did it bare bones in a living room, from scratch, and that’s a bonding experience for us as well. It’s the truest, most honest representation of us as musicians, there are no bells and whistles, just us. So it’s quite vulnerable but also incredibly human and I really hope that we are able to translate that and people enjoy it.

What's your earliest memory of music for you? Especially getting into the more darker and heavier side of music.

I’ve been listening to heavy music since I was about 13, it started out with things like Black Sabbath and Twisted Sister. But it wasn’t until I started listening to Him that I really saw myself as someone who might want to pursue being a musician. I went through many phases since and after discovering bands like Meshuggah, Karnivool and Devin Townsend, I fell in love with big melodies and big production, and the rest is history. Nowadays I listen to everything from Dillinger Escape Plan to Gang Of Youths, I don’t have any rules when it comes to music - I would try anything.

How do you feel the band has grown or progressed since your last release? Has there been much change?

To me, the change is quite significant. Monument is a lot more positive overall and more varied. We have certainly kept some elements that are essential to our sound, like synths and strings, but we really followed our instinct with this EP and I think we questioned ourselves less artistically. Thats a process that seems to work well for us at the moment - more experimentation, more honesty, less consideration for how our music is perceived. It keeps us true to ourselves and at this point that’s the most important thing to us as artists.

What musicians and/or vocalists have inspired you to become the vocalist and front person that you've become today?

I’m very inspired by Ian Kenny, Devin Townsend and of course the Queen Bee, Beyoncé. I love big voices and I’ve always strived to present that as a vocalist. Of course I’ve had to change my performance style a bit to accommodate for my recent injury, but in all honesty I’ve never been more relaxed on stage and I’m having more fun than ever.

Do you have any words for your fans that have supported you over the years and those that are looking forward to the new EP?

I’d just like to thank them for being incredibly supportive, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them and in a landscape so cluttered with amazing music, it’s an honour to have anyone give us the time of day, so thank you! And of course, we hope you enjoy the EP and we can’t wait to see you at the remaining shows.

Written by Steve Jenkins

Pre-orders for the Monument EP can be purchased HERE. Catch Flynn Effect at the below dates.

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