Top 5 Touring Tips From J.F.K

Perth rocker's J.F.K are a busy group. With their latest single, 'Feel It Again' recently released, taken from their upcoming EP, as well as a sting of shows lined up in the coming months, the garage band have been hard at making some excellent music and getting it out to as many people as possible. The boys were kind enough to take a break to let us in on a few of their favourite tips on how to make your tour as successful as possible. Read on to find out about the best Facebook groups, food tips, and packing advice the J.F.K have to offer.

1. Make sure you’re all on the same page and feel comfortable talking about anything with each other. Touring can be stressful and everyone deals with things in a different way – looking after your buddies and making sure everyone is having a sick time is my top tip

2. Bring enough undies and socks. There’s nothing worse than waking up after a 10/10 hecticccc show the night before to realize that you’ve gotta put on some gross crusty undies because you haven’t had time to wash any of your stuff.

3. Meal prep if you get a chance. Last time I was over east we used our mate’s awesome house near Newtown as a lil bit of a base, and it saved us so much money being able to prep a couple of our meals each day. Smashed avo on toast everyday for a week starts to add up, and no-one wants to deal with hangry band members that don’t want to have to keep forking out $ for food.

4. Noise-cancelling headphones. If you haven’t flown with these before then reading this will literally change your world. Planes actually make so much noise – not to mention you can zone out on long drives during the tour and avoid listening to everyone else’s terrible playlists.

5. If you're touring around the East Coast there is this really great Facebook group called The Laundry Echo DIY Music Chatroom - It's filled with musicians/music industry people that can help with pretty much anything! People offer places to crash, backline and even transfers from the airport and advice on touring. It's a really great chatroom to be in if you need help with arranging things on tour and it's also very wholesome - everyone is so nice and willing to help, would 10/10 recommend finding the group and joining.

Have a listen to 'Feel It Again' here or check them out at one of their shows (more info below).

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