Interview: Joe Langridge-Brown of Nothing But Thieves

Following on from their recent SOLD OUT tour in December, UK alternative rockers, Nothing But Thieves, have announced their return to Australia for shows in July. The tour will kick off in Sydney, and take to Brisbane, Sydney then Melbourne before finishing up at the Capitol in Perth on Thursday 31st July. On the back of their lively and successful 2017 album Broken Machine and 2015 self-titled debut album, Nothing But Thieves have gained a huge amount of attention through hits on Triple J including "Trip Switch" and "Amsterdam" and are widely expanding their fan base around the globe with each new tour they conclude. Fans are encouraged to act quickly to not miss one of the most anticipated show of the year. We were lucky enough to have a chat with guitarist and lyricist, Joe Langridge-Brown about their return to Australia, new music, and much more.''

We're very excited to have Nothing But Thieves coming back to Australia this July, most bands take their time when returning to Australia with how far away it is, what made you want to come back so soon?

It kind of felt like, even though the last tour sold out, we had unfinished business in Australia. We want to play bigger and better shows and our production is getting better with our constant touring of Europe and the States. I also feel we have more to offer this time around with the release of our latest album Broken Machine, so you'll get to hear some new songs added in. After this tour we're going to go away for a little while, so we thought we better head over for a tour before we do that.

You guys just announced a second show in Sydney so that must mean things are going well in terms of ticket sales and everything?

Yeah absolutely, the shows are going to be great and we have some of the best fans in the world there. We really love it there and we are always blown away by the support each and every time.

Do you have any special moments or experiences that your remember vividly from your time here in Australia?

Yeah, the last show we played in Australia we had played in some smaller venues, the sound and the noise was good and everything and it felt like last time people had already bought the album at that point. But that was also when we played with Muse, which of course was an amazing experience in itself. We just love Australia and every time we go over there we actual feel like this is a place we could live and it's always nice to go back there.

Is there a massive difference when playing to different audiences across the world? When you compare a show in the UK to somewhere like the States or Australia?

It does vary a bit, I'd say some countries are a bit louder than other countries. Australia is definitely one of the louder ones. Japan is always a weird one for us in the respect that in between songs the crowd is pretty much silent, they hang off every word that Conor says between songs. They want to hear everything and then they go crazy and start cheering and singing along when the music kicks back in. It's certainly different and a weird thing to get used to, but it's cool, and it keeps everything fresh I guess.

You're latest album Broken Machine is doing really well, have you already begun the writing process for your next release?

So, we tend to write while we're on the road anyway just because it keeps our minds occupied and you can come up with some really cool stuff when you're travelling. Broken Machine was pretty much all written in the back of a tour bus, so we're pretty much doing the same thing again this time around. I actually prefer that way of writing because you can come up with something and go into the studio with a clear idea for everyone and then start jamming and recording straight away. We'll be doing that and then we will be taking some proper time off, it will be our first break since 2014 I think, it will be nice to have some rest.

As a guitarist, what influences do you put down to being in a successful rock band which is where you're at now?

I think really early on it goes back to what my Dad would play, like my earliest childhood memories was driving in the car and listening to Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and bands like U2. Then when I got a bit older I remember getting the Foo Fighters album One By One, and when I first heard that first song on the album it pretty much changed my life and that's what made me want to learn guitar. Then I started to play the guitar and began writing songs, and I guess it all came from that. The town where we're from, it's quite a musical town, lots of venues and rehearsal studios and plenty of musicians getting about, so that probably had something to do with it as well.

What's your favourite track to perform live at the moment?

I mean, Amsterdam, from our Broken Machine album, it's just like, anywhere we are in the world no matter how the show is going or how bad we're feeling at the time, whenever that song comes in we all feel really good and the crowd always seems to react well to that song. It's just really fun to play.

Written by Steve Jenkins

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