EP Review: Code Orange - The Hurt Will Go On

Artist: Code Orange

Title: The Hurt Will Go On

Genre: Metal

Review by Steve Jenkins

People have been eagerly awaiting new Code Orange pretty much after the release of their well received 2017 release, Forever. So what did they do? They surprised us with just a little taste of new music in this new 3 track EP titled The Hurt Will Go On. Arguably, the most popular band on the hardcore/metal scene right now, Code Orange have blown up over the past 2 years becoming hugely popular with their intense sound.

This EP, much like their previous releases is still extremely chaotic and sometimes jarring to listen to. Not everyone in the metal scene will like this band, in fact, some might even hate them, but the fact is they are here to stay and they are going to be a name you'll see popping up more and more. People go nuts for this band and I'm one of them, so whenever they drop a new track without any warning, rest assured I'll be straight onto it. So this was a nice surprise.

The Hurt Will Go On is basically a continuation of their album Forever, with two new songs in "3 Knives" and "The Hunt" which features Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) and a third track that is basically just a remix of "The Hunt." The EP starts off with "3 Knives" as an explosion of chaotic riffs, and their trademark distorted sound. Featuring electronic effects and chunky riffs, some people may find it confronting and unsettling to listen to, but it's certainly hard hitting.

Corey Taylor featuring on "The Hunt" fits quite well, and part of me thinks he may have even asked to be on one of their songs since he's openly said that he's a big fan of Code Orange. This will only help elevate this young band with such a high profile star featuring on their EP. If you like Code Orange, this EP will likely be a smash hit, and if you're still not sure about the band's sound and media hype, give this EP a try. The hurt will go on, it's just up to you as to whether you'll embrace it or not.

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