EP Review: Flynn Effect - Monuments

Artist: Flynn Effect

Title: Monument

Genre: Alternative Metal

Release Date: 6 July 2018

Review by Steve Jenkins

Brisbane's Flynn Effect have been turning heads and making waves in the heavy music scene for a while now, steadily growing and finding their own unique sound for the past couple of years. Inspired by gothic imagery, using melodic guitar lines, enchanting keys, captivating vocals, and an exotic, atmospheric sound all massaging your eardrums at once. This band tick a lot of boxes.

When you hear Flynn Effect's music, it puts you in a trance, while Tomina Vincent's beautiful and powerful vocals puts you into a state of tranquility. Imagine listening to Opeth, but having melodic, agile and soaring female vocals layered over the music, that's the vibe I get. After a few listens it's quite apparent that this formula works, it's very accessible to any listener and I can imagine many people outside of the heavy music community would enjoy listening to this. A perfect example would be the lead single "Believer" which boasts a simple yet attention grabbing intro before it leads into something with a bit more energy and attitude. The electronic moments in the background are not overused on this EP, they create a really nice soundscape behind the other components. I love how the guitars provide this edge and angst to the mostly uplifting and elegant vocals and melody.

Overall, this EP has a very nice flow and it doesn't allow any room for you to grow tired or bored, as there's a lot going on and you'll find yourself going back to songs for repeated listens. I feel like Flynn Effect have given themselves plenty of room to move in different directions and take different paths if they so choose. Tracks like "Colossus" have extremely catchy hooks and superior songwriting, but also mainstream appeal that could open up some big doors for this band. For a band that certainly carries gothic appeal, there's certainly an absence of sadness in most parts, apart from the track "Death Said" which is a heartbreaking and emotional journey. I don't feel depressed when listening to Monument, I feel joy and strength, and that's a powerful tool to have when creating music like this. Flynn Effect sound inspired and this release is an addictive piece of work that will temporarily consume your listening schedule.

8.5 out of 10.

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