Album Review: Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love

Artist: Deafheaven

Album: Ordinary Corrupt Human Love

Genre: Metal

Release date: 13 July 2018

Review by Sam Radjocin

When Deafheaven rose to prominence with their landmark 2013 release, their 2nd album entitled Sunbather, there’s little argument that they became quite a substantial musical force that crossed over many different genres and reached a plethora of ears that would have never listened previously. Now, they are about to drop their fourth full length release - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love.

While the signature element of Deafheaven’s sound is blackened metal displayed quite abundantly in such tracks as "Canary Yellow", it feels like the band has adopted some different element to a certain degree. Compared to their previous New Bermuda where the guitar riffs played a strong role throughout and there is still plenty of that in "Glint" and the dynamic album closer "Worthless Animal", there is a stronger emphasis on Pink Floyd-esque progressive rock and post rock intertwined within "You Without End", "Honeycomb", "Near" and the delicate "Night People."

Their songs aren’t exactly designed to be radio friendly unit shifters as most are over 7 plus minutes in length, but that becomes a non factor as the listener will immerse themselves within the aural journey.

Throughout the duration of Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, Deafheaven prove they are continually able to evolve as musicians with every concurrent release, are able to take shifts into many musical directions and have plenty of artistic fuel left in the tank that will appease many.

9 out of 10.

Ordinary Corrupt Human Love is out July 13th via ANTI- Records. Pre-order HERE.

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