Album Review: Black Wash - Pagan

Artist: Pagan

Album: Black Wash

Genre: Blackened Rock 'n' Roll

Review by Sam Radojcin

As they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression. As the groove, riffs and frontwoman Nikki Brumen’s husky and vicious howl blast out of the speakers and into your ears, you know that Pagan mean business and aren’t here to mess around with their debut release Black Wash. Throughout the 38 minute duration, Black Wash offers an aural cornucopia which is like the Sunday soup with everything thrown into the pot. The foundation is heavy and hard hitting rock and roll at it’s core in cuts such as 'The Greatest Love Songs', the infectious 'Death Before Disco', 'Wine & Lace', 'Year Of The Dog' and 'Holy Water' are driven by Dan Bonnici’s thundering bass and the Kverlertak-esque blisterer Silver, things lead toward punk territory in 'Fluorescent Snakes', 'Blood Moon' brings the doom and 'Imitate Me' shows Pagan going all black metal with blast beats and tremolo picking while Brumen pushes her vocals to a high intensity while retaining feeling of desperation, anxiety and honesty.

While things are hard hitting and heavy throughout, it has the ability to suck you in with hooks and catchy rhythms while possesses you to start dancing/banging your head/rocking out and won’t subside until the final chord rings out.

Packed to the brim and overflowing with relentless, venomous, high octane rock and roll, Pagan have introduced themselves to the masses with Black Wash and this is only just the beginning… 9.5 out of 10.

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