Show Us Ya Tees: Hideous Sun Demon

If you're a music lover, then chances are you've got a wardrobe full to the brim of band tees you cherish. Whether you wear them to rep your favourite artists today, or keep them as tattered, worn momentos, we all treasure our band merch - the unofficial uniform of music fans the world over. For this edition of Show Us Ya Tees, we caught up with Hideous Sun Demon off the back of the premiere of their latest single ‘Antithesis’ which also comes with the announcement of Hideous Sun Demon’s third studio album, ‘FAME, EROTIC, DREAM’, set to be released on July 27th.

I brought this Parquet Courts shirt at a festival back in Perth in 2014. I paid festival prices for a women's size small because I was such a fan (still am) & so desperate for it. I'm no big boy but it I definitely underestimated how tight it would be so gave it to Vin. You can see the members art school background in their cool minimalist album/shirt designs.

I moved to Collingwood 3 months ago & was lucky enough to move in with Aiden from Private Function. They put on a loose live show & have heaps of great music videos that that they do themselves. I may or may not have blown my nose on it the other night when I had a fever, sorry guys. PF still on top.

Sunnifest is a huge annual gig that our booker/ex manager puts on at the Tote. I nearly featured my tote shirt but decided on sunnifest because of the great acts on the lineup. We've been luck enough to play it twice & it always features some good WA acts. This shirts from Sunnifest 3, 2017. Arts by Nik Ranger!

A HSD shirt collection wouldn't be complete with out the classic 'Dean Eyeball' Red Eye Records shirt. Vin has owned multiples of this Sydney record labels shirt for years, the first one a present from his dad. Its a great independent record store.

A little bit about the band: The immediacy of Hideous Sun Demon’s thrashing brand of psych-punk music has returned in all its glory, with the release of their new single, ‘Antithesis’. Capturing hectic riffs and frenetic percussion in a tightly produced number, ‘Antithesis’ is the dose of musical chaos from Hideous Sun Demon that will satiate the appetite of fans and newcomers alike.

Check out the official video for "Antithesis" below:

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