Gig Review: These Four Walls + The Iron Eye + For The Wolves @ Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane

These Four Walls have had a huge year, seemingly supporting every major international rock act that has rolled through Brisbane lately - Seether, POD, Fuel. But tonight it’s their time to shine and their "Over & Over" single launch is highly anticipated. After having to line up to get in, which is pretty awesome for a local show, I’m ready to find out just what a headline These Four Walls show its all about.

To start the night, we are treated to some remarkable support acts. Openers, For The Wolves are quite a fun band to watch, albeit timid and a little unsure on stage. It’s apparent they’re fairly new as a unit, but they’re entertaining and their songs are catchy, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for the band as they continue their musical journey.

After a quiet and reserved intro, the main support launch into their set with such ferocity that the wall of sound that hit us from the stage felt otherworldly and, well, really damn heavy. The Iron Eye’s music almost doesn’t match their stage show. This band sound like they should be on a massive stage, stadium even, but their show feels a little too minimal and their performance slightly introverted. That said, their songs are stunningly well crafted, incredibly memorable and they truly are Australia’s answer to Royal Blood- groovy, catchy, energetic and full of attitude. After the end of their set, I can’t help but feel like The Iron Eye are Brisbane’s best kept secret, and they really shouldn’t be. These guys belong on commercial radio, and I sincerely hope I hear them there in the near future.

Here comes the difficult part: putting into words what These Four Walls are like live. This band is a true headliner. Their presence, performance, precision and charisma are truly astronomical. Each member is a delight to observe, and vocalist Steve Gibb possesses one of the most consistent, full-bodied and unwavering voices I’ve ever heard on a live stage. Many rock singers attempt to do what he does, but very few succeed, and it’s a pleasure to watch. These Four Walls are utterly convincing and they hold the whole audience in their grip for the entirety of their show. I certainly can’t remember the last tome a local and relatively small band has blown me away to this extent. It makes no sense that this room is not bursting at the seams. What separates them from so many other bands is that they really get across the feeling that they’re completely vulnerable and sincere on stage and that is, to me, what greatness truly stems from. As they take the stage, Woolly Mammoth suddenly looks and sounds like the Tivoli. A particular highlight was the snippet of Wicked Game the band used as an intro for their stunning ballad "Walk Away" it had the entire audience singing along. Even after losing power at the front of stage and having to start again, the band was in complete control and handled it beautifully. They performed for over an hour and really gave their everything.

I walked out of this show inspired and in awe of tee acts I witnessed here tonight. Australia truly has a talent pool of immeasurable quality, and tonight just proved that once again.

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