Show Us Ya Tees: Black Bird Hum

If you're a music lover, then chances are you've got a wardrobe full to the brim of band tees you cherish. Whether you wear them to rep your favourite artists today, or keep them as tattered, worn momentos, we all treasure our band merch - the unofficial uniform of music fans the world over. For this edition of Show Us Ya Tees, we caught up with party reggae band Black Bird Hum, who have just dropped a brand new single, 'Say You Want' (listen here).

Freyja’s “Hi Infidelity” Reo Speedwagon Tee

I bought it at urban outfitters in the states cos it was about 5 bucks and I wear it to bed. It’s the best bed shirt because I hate it and I don’t know anything about this band but everybody knows deep down that band shirts make the best bed shirts dere is! (Not the queens english) I looked online to see what it said on REo speed wagons Wikipedia and it proved my point that I don’t know anything about this band. I initially didn’t even know you had to spell out REO as an acronym and I have been pronouncing it as reo (like Oreo without the O) for the past 5 years. However, a RIO speedwagon sounds like a heavy concoction of drugs you would take in Brazil at the peak of carnivale 🎡

Nish’s “Confessions” Usher Tee

I got this Usher tee as present for my 11th birthday along with my first CD, Confessions. It was approximately 4 sizes too humungus on me at the time, but eventually grew into it. I'd be hiding something from everyone if I didn't admit that this album is still in regular rotation. And I don't want to hide the guilt anymore OK. This album is so fucking cheesy and distasteful, but god damn does it bang. Bangs harder than a 5-car pile up. Good one to bang to also I guess?

JP’s “Digital vomit” Bright Eyes Tee

This tee came out when they released the double album “Digital Ash..” and “Wide Awake…” If it’s hard to tell from the photo, the artwork is a guy spewing into a toilet, but it’s a whole bunch of numbers coming out. Deep. I don’t actually remember buying it. Maybe it came with the album? Who knows. Anyway, i wore it so much there are holes under the arms and on the collar. It was the only tee shirt i’ve owned with a toilet featuring so prominently.

Oh, and it glowed in the dark!

Nick’s “Oh Loretta” Sex on Toast Tee

This one is just a great Aussie independent band and a hectic bit of merch. I feel sexy when I wear my sex on toast tee. Supporting independent Aus bands, does it get much better? This album has been the soundtrack to my year and the tee has been similarly my costume of choice. The legends sent it with a CD, maybe on purpose but also maybe by mistake? Either way I guess it paid to purchase a dated music medium in this case. The video clip to this song is also a classic also feat Aus legend Molly Meldrum. Oh loretta! X

Jeff’s “on the corner” Miles Davis Tee

This is from Miles’ electric period, specifically his studio album “On The Corner”, which, in my opinion, is the greatest f*ck you album of all time. He knew what jazz fans and critics wanted to hear, and this was his response: a bag of ill, steamy turds, guaranteed to offend. To make sure they couldn’t snoop around and find some reason to praise it, he didn’t list any of the musicians involved (who were the same wizards he’d been using all along). As a result, most who heard it at the time considered it worthless at best- useful only for clearing the party. For people like myself who have no concern for jazz norms, or expectations of Miles in any way, it is nothing but a hypnotic psychedelic funk masterpiece from outer space- a Mandrill in a roomful of mice. A good friend who shares my love for this era of Miles sent me this from London nearly 20 years ago and I still rock it with pride.


Saturday 21 July – Jax Bar, Perisher Resort

Saturday 21 July – Station Resort, Jindabyne

Sunday 22 July – Blue Cow Deck, Perisher Resort

Saturday 28 July – Federal, Toowoomba

Friday 10 August - Venue 505, Sydney

Sunday 26 August – Liverpool Street FESTIVAL

Sunday 26 August -Steyne Hotel, Manly

Friday 14 September – Nimbin Roots FESTIVAL

Friday 14 September – SOL Bar, Maroochydoore

Saturday 15 September – Royal Mail Hotel, Goodna

Sunday 16 September – Hoey Moey, Coffs Harbour

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