Skorched Release Video For 'Bury You Breathing'

Nu-Metal band Skorched have combined the sounds of late 90's Nu-Metal with crushing guitars in new track and video 'Bury You Breathing'.

Skorched are Australia's newest Nu-Metal outfit. Combining the sounds of late 90’s Nu Metal with crushing guitar tones and two somewhat imposing vocalists who spit syncopated rhymes over each other like a well-oiled machine, there is little direction for Skorched other than forward - and full steam ahead! Today they are bringing their decimatingly hard new track and video - "Bury You Breathing" to the world - and you'd best listen up. Busting onto the Heavy music scene in 2017, the 6 piece Nu Metal outfit hailing from Melbourne, Australia's debut single ‘Beast in me’ and subsequent debut E.P ‘Minds Taken’ have received wide spread attention and praise from both online and radio audiences. triple j unearthed music director Dave Ruby Howe praised the band, saying that "If you're yearning for the halcyon days of Nu Metal - read: powerful sludgy riffs, confrontational vocals in a rap meets heavy style and generous vinyl scratches - then connect this to your veins asap." and triple j assistant music director Gemma Pike stating that she was "Suddenly overcome with the desire to be in the middle of a pit. Must. Thrash. All. The. Things." One of the faceless members of Skorched made this manifesto-like statement: "New single "Bury You Breathing" is essentially a song about ourselves, as self-involved as that may come across. It’s very much a statement that we are here to deliver our own take on the music that has deeply influenced and shaped us all individually, which continues to influence us to this day. Put simply, Bury you Breathing is a mission statement of sorts that we are confident and we are coming." He goes on - "Obviously with the recent resurgence of Nu Metal, and Nu Metal somewhat engraining itself into other aspects of heavy music, this song speaks to how this is something that never left our musical blood and we aren’t merely jumping on a "flavour of the week" for a cheap attempt at popularity. We are here to stay - regardless of how loved or laughed at we may be during the process." Despite the anonymity of the members (who hide their identities wearing all black attire and masks) there is no denying their experience and ability to perform a visually chaotic and engaging show suited for large crowds backed with a sonically ear destroying tightness only attainable by those who have spent considerable time on the road and in the studio. The band have taken to the stage and supported bands like Alpha Wolf, Gravemind, Honest Crooks, Daybreak and The Gloom in the Corner, destroying audiences and expectations at all turns.

"Bury You Breathing" is available in all online digital stores and streaming services today. For more information, or to check out their previous releases, head to the Skorched Facebook page.

Check out the video below:

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