Spook The Horses Release Video For 'Following Trails'

New Zealand experimental, atmospheric, post-metallers Spook The Horses have released a new video from their third album People Used To Live Here, released late last year.

The band comment: "The video is based upon a recollection of a dream, filmed within the house that the record People Used To Live Here was originally written - and is intended as both a literal and metaphorical reflection on ideas relating to the subjective limits of self, perspicacity and self determinism."

The band, who's members frequently rotate between instruments given their multi-instrumental capabilities, have definitely explored a lot of different territories over their last three albums. From 2011's post-rock Brighter to 2015's much heavier Rainmaker, all the way to 2017's People Used To Live Here, which was characterised by the mildly saturated crunch tone of the distortion.

Discussing their latest album, Zach Meech comments “Writing this album gave us the ability to experiment with song ideas we felt weren’t appropriate on our previous albums."

Written in relative isolatino over several winters, Callum Gay comments “We deliberately isolated ourselves when writing this album to force us out of our comfort zones. Most of the songs began as completely improvised pieces that we slowly fleshed and developed over time. We wanted to make sure that immediacy was captured and conveyed in a way we’d never done before. There’s much less between us and the listener this time around”.

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