Album Review: Whoretopsy - Take My Breath Away

Artist: Whoretopsy

Album: Take My Breath Away

Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Review by Steve Jenkins

Melbourne, and perhaps Australia's, most controversial band, Whoretopsy, are back with another hard-hitting, brutal slab of crushing death metal, with 10 putrid tracks on offer, there's plenty to bang your head to on Take My Breath Away.

After just a glimpse of the album cover, you know straight away that you're in for a few things. Brutality, slamming death metal, disgusting lyrics, and vulgarity. If you don't like any of those things, then this is not for you. But lucky for myself and many other metal fans out there, I enjoy all of those things immensely.

Take My Breath Away is a very strong brutal death metal album all round, with extremely solid production that we've seen get stronger and crisper with each release. Sure it's absolute mayhem and devastatingly heavy, but it sounds clear and super polished from beginning to end which gives it points. There's zero time on this album for you to catch your breath, as Whoretopsy continue to take it away with each relentless riff and new vocalist Zac Bergholtz bombarding you with his impressive gutterals.

One of the many things I've always enjoyed about Whoretopsy is their ability to make brutal death metal sound catchy, and the same goes for this album, it's a toe-tapper, a head-banger, a fist-pumper, a dick-puller, whatever it is that you do when you hear something infectious like this.

Take My Breath Away is a continual improvement on their already impressive catalogue of releases, they just seem to keep pushing the boundaries and coming up with new ideas, their sound never gets boring. The riffs are meat and potatoes straight down the line, but each one is still enjoyable. You're not gonna come out of this one arguing with your mates about which song was the best because they're all solid.

Highlights include the album opener, "Divine Indigestion", which is built like your standard BDM offering, breakdowns are chunky and chromatic, the blasts are furious and vocals and filthy. "In Like Flynn" shows off the bands ability to groove in some extremely hectic timing changes, with a really cool solo to break things up a bit which I love. The more I listen to this album, the more punishing it sound, and this is going to come across as absolutely chaotic in a live setting, if they're not banned from the venue that is.

If you're familiar with Whoretopsy then you already know that you're in store for some pretty far out and shocking yet funny lyrics. Like on "Love Thy Neighbour" - Harold turns purple, His penis weeps, shooting loads as he’s dying, To the kitchen the doctor goes, grabs a knife and starts feasting. That's just one example and there's much more explicit content that will either give you a chuckle or make you want to vomit, if you're a pussy of course.

Whoretopsy continue to push themselves, sounding heavier and more complex with each release and this album highlights that perfectly. There's not a single weak moment on Take My Breath Away, and I struggle to find a fault, so I'm going to stop looking for one and just enjoy it for what it is, one hell of a beastly brutal death album that will sit nice and high on my 'Best of 2018' list. Whoretopsy have the songwriting smarts and technical chops to match it with higher profile acts and should only continue developing as their career progresses. Make sure you catch Whoretopsy around Australia and in Melbourne, as they are definitely a band you do not want to miss if this style of music is your cup of tea.

10 out of 10.

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Take My Breath Away is out September 21st. Pre-order here -

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