EP Review: After Touch - You Wish This Was About You

Artist: After Touch

Album: You Wish This Was About You

Genre: Post Rock

Review by Wade Speer

New up-and-comers After Touch have just released a new EP named You Wish This Was About You. The 5-piece originate from Shellharbour, New South Wales. Starting from the first track of the album titled “Use Me”, the sound straight away establishes them with their own unique sound by going with a pop-rock type of vibe. Pretty catchy chorus with a strong vocal presence from Max. The second track on the EP is one of my favourites - ironically being self titled. Here the band shows a little bit of a heavier side to their sound. I get some Bring Me The Horizon vibes from this one. If you don’t dig the first track that much, I definitely recommend giving this one a listen. Next up we have “Cherry.” Definitely the softest song they have on here. It begins with some trippy guitar work into a relaxing vibe. They still give a punch with the chorus as they do with every song. Slow but catchy at the same time. Not a bad mid-track. The fourth track titled “I Heard” starts off with a bang. Some very very catchy riffs. I loved it the moment it started. The vocals being more harsh compared to the first few songs, suiting the heavier sound of the song. I definitely rate this as my favourite song off of the EP. Straight into the daily playlist this goes. The final track “Six Feet Closer” in my opinion was a great song to finish off with. It pretty much comprises bits of every other song into the one and they pull it off really well. Bit of soft, bit of heavy. It’s a really enjoyable song to listen to. I couldn’t praise his vocals enough. He has a very unique and incredible voice. Overall I’m glad I had to the chance to listen to this band for the first time! This definitely isn’t the only time I will be listening to “You Wish This Was About You” and it wont be yours either!

8 out of 10.

You With This Was About You set for release on September 7 via UNFD.

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