Album Review: Fit For A King - Dark Skies

Artist: Fit For A King

Album: Dark Skies

Genre: Metalcore

Review by Wade Speer

Fit for a King is an American Christian metalcore band from Dallas, Texas. They have recently released a new album titled Dark Skies.

“Engraved” is the first track of the album and has very djenty riffs throughout. Also a good mix of clean and harsh vocals. Didn’t stand out too much to me compared to other songs but nonetheless not a bad song at all. Next we have “The Price of Agony” which was a released as a single prior to the album. Definitely one of my favourite off of the album. The guitars are very groovy throughout as well as very catchy drumming. The chorus compliments the breakdown very well and I enjoy this song a lot.

The third track is titled “Backbreaker”. Starts with a big bang and quickly asserts itself as the heaviest song on the album. Every one loves a bit of juicy lows to go along with bouncy low-tuned riffs. Biggest breakdown too without about a year-long scream to end the song. Top 3 on the album for me! “Anthem of the Defeated” is another very heavy one with faster drumming compared to the other songs! Probably head banged to this the most! “When Everything Means Nothing” is the next track on this hectic album! Probably on the softer side of their musical talents but they pull it off . The clean vocals suit this band very well. But of course they fit in a bouncy as hell breakdown in there anyway. I can’t get enough.

The 6th track is titled “Youth Division”. Not really a stand out song for me but it fits in well for a mid-album song. Next we have “Shattered Glass”. Straight up heavy as shit. This blokes screams are too good. If you love heavy ass breakdowns and fast as fuck double kicks then this is the song for you. “Tower of Pain” is up next! This was also another song that was released before the album! I’ve heard this before so I’m a bit biased in saying this is my favourite on the album but it definitely still is. It pretty much has everything they have to offer in one song! I love it heaps and the breakdowns are fast and heavy. “Debts of the Soul” is the second last track on this already incredible album. Honestly could’ve ended the album with the last song. This song is the softest on the album and kind of a buzz-kill after the previous song but still it shows their range of music skill and it’s definitely not a bad song. Last but not least we have “Oblivion”. What a banger to end an album I tell ya. Bands do well to save one of the best for last and this is no exception. Another song that compiles bits of every song into one.

Overall this album blew me away. Most likely my favourite album this year. Would definitely recommend to anyone who loves the Aussie heavy music scene.

9 out of 10.

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