Gig Review: TesseracT + Guests @ 170 Russell, Melbourne

Headliner: TesseracT

Supports: Circles + Orsome Welles

Venue: 170 Russell, Melbourne

Date: 14th September 2018

Review: Tomina Vincent

Melbourne was freezing cold last Friday night, but that didn’t stop a massive horde of prog fans from storming 170 Russell that evening, to witness Tesseract and supports. It’s an exciting night, with Tesseract’s new album Sonder well into our hearts by now, and of course, the wait is well rewarded.

Sadly we miss the openers, local beloved legends Orsome Welles because Melbourne likes to party early (Brisbane native, please forgive me..) but we arrive right as they exit the stage and by the state of the room and the crowd, it’s obvious something big has happened. The venue is bursting at the seams and steamy, so this evening is onto a great start.

The main support tonight are Melbourne’s own Circles. These guys have had a huge year so far, and perhaps the most successful one in the bands history. With a new vocalist and having released their new album The Last One (hopefully not..) just a couple of weeks prior, they are in that luminous stage bands enter when everything is right and the planets align perfectly. They are on fire tonight, and their live sound and overall production is truly awe-inspiring. There’s a little less movement from the lads than what we’re used to, but that seems to work even better for them and the focus is where it should be. Although most people are here tonight to see Tesseract, Circles are an incredible live act and I wonder whether the headliners can actually top this set.

After a long wait, Tesseract take the stage and the crowd erupts in applause. The band is relaxed, their lighting design superb and their frontman right in his element. Playing an array of old and new tracks, including Concealing Fate favourite, The Impossible, which received a huge reaction and the loudest sing-along of perhaps the entire show, the band delivered 110%. There’s a cinematic quality to Tesseract’s music that translates beautifully into their live shows and one can’t help but be completely transported by them. It’s an hour of dynamic movement, with a cleverly built set, moving from soaring melodic sections to Meshuggah-esque moments, often in this sequence. You could say Tesseract invented this style and genre, and it’s clear to see they are still it’s dominating leaders. Constant crowd interaction escalates with a stage dive, and before we know it (or want it), Tesseract bid ya farewell.

Having witnessed two world class acts, I leave the venue tired but utterly impressed, and proud that Melbourne showed up in force tonight for the mighty Tesseract, not to mention our incredible local supports who are sure to follow in the headliner’s footsteps.

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