Interview: David Davidson of Revocation

Pushing both the death metal and progressive elements of their signature sound harder than ever, Revocation's latest extreme offering, The Outer Ones, is the band at their boldest, most aggressive and most complex. Now known for being one of the most consistent metal band in the modern era, it looks like there's no stopping this mighty force from Massachusetts. We had a quick chat with guitarist/vocalist, Dave Davidson, before the release of their seventh studio album.

Who produced, mixed, mastered the album?

Zeuss mixed and mastered the album at Planet Z

He also co-produced it along with ourselves

Drums were recorded by Shane Frisby at The Brick Hit House

Any guests on the album?

No, not this time around.

Who did the artwork? What inspired the artwork?

Tom Strom

It was inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovcraft as well as Tom’s twisted imagination

What are the lyrical themes?

Many of the themes are inspired by the various novella’s of H.P. Lovecraft however there are a few songs on the record that are either stories of my own or were inspired by other writings. Overall the record has a cosmic horror theme that pervades throughout the lyrics and even the music itself.

How is this album different from ‘Great Is Our Sin’?

It still has many of the progressive elements that were present on GIOS but this time around the overall feeling of the music is darker and heavier I think. This is the 1st album since “Existence Is Futile” where I haven’t incorporated any melodic vocals because I felt like the music and subject matter didn’t call for any. We really doubled down on the death metal elements of our sound on this release.

What are your tour plans?

We’re headlining this fall with Exhumed, Rivers Of Nihil and Yautja in support of the album release. After that we’ll be following it up with another headline tour over in Europe.

Any advice for musicians/fans?

If you read the lyrics backwards on our new record it will summon 1 Outer One who will grant you a wish as long as it’s not too much of a pain in the ass, if it is the Outer One might devour your soul so I guess my advice is to probably not try to summon any Outer Ones.

The Outer Ones will be released September 28th via Metal Blade Records.

Pre-order here:

Written by Steve Jenkins

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