Show Us Ya Tees: Nick Lythall of The Iron Eye

If you're a music lover, then chances are you've got a wardrobe full to the brim of band tees you cherish. Whether you wear them to rep your favourite artists today, or keep them as tattered, worn mementos, we all treasure our band merch - the unofficial uniform of music fans the world over. For this edition of Show Us Ya Tees, Nick Lythall of Brissie rockers The Iron Eye has shared some of his favourite shirts.

Black Sabbath

Important for so many reasons; Sabbath are the Godfathers of Metal, it was from their final ever World Tour, and one of my good mates bought the shirt for me at the concert as a gift. We ended up going out after the show and we danced up a storm until about 3am at Ric's in Fortitude Valley, so there's plenty of sweaty sentiment in this shirt.

Queens Of The Stone Age

From their latest tour of Australia - Holy Shit.. Still one of the most impressive live bands on the planet! Josh Homme to me is more than an artist, he's an icon. Sure, he can be a bit of a dick and he's done some stupid things in the past, but no one can question his knack for penning killer rock songs and he genuinely loves Aussies seeing as he married one!

Unwritten Law

I went through a bit of a punk phase in High School (The Clash, Ramones, Rancid etc) but I was always drawn to bands with a strong sense of melody in their song writing. The Elva Album would make my Top 10 Favourite Album list any day of the week, and I bought this shirt on their Elva 15th Anniversary Tour at the Sydney show. My sister and I were big fans back in the day so we went together and they sounded even better than I could've imagined. Plus, having Wade Youman (who drummed on most of Elva) back with the band was a massive highlight, considering I air-drummed the CRAP out of this album when I was 15.

The Dillinger Escape Plan

I wouldn't call myself a metal head, at least not strictly. I embrace tonnes of different styles and genres, but if there were a corner of my musical landscape labelled "Sheer Brutal Mayhem" then The Dillinger Escape Plan inhabit it with force. I've only managed to see then 1 and-a-half times (caught the end of their set at Soundwave 2012) but when I saw singer Greg Puciato screeching at the crowd whilst hanging 15m in the air on some lighting rig, I knew I'd have to see this band again. If you had to write music to accompany a knife-fight between coked up Ninjas, it would sound like Dillinger.

Led Zeppelin

Need I explain why I have this shirt?

I'm actually wearing it as I'm typing this.

No, seriously. I took it off to take a photo of it, and then put it straight back on.

Where's your Zeppelin shirt? Do you have a Zeppelin shirt? Why aren't you wearing a Zeppelin shirt? Why do you look so bemused?

It's probably because you're now realising you don't own a Zeppelin shirt, so you need to go out and rectify this immediately. Off you go. Go on now, come on.

If you don't want to, then that's fine, that's your decision.

But you'd need to go ahead and rethink some of your basic principles.

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