The Black Dahlia Murder Albums Ranked

The Black Dahlia Murder have earned an army of devout followers through dropping eight killer full-lengths and touring their collective ass off for over sixteen years. With the release of their eighth studio album, Nightbringers, which was released late 2017, the band have not slowed down one single bit. But that’s just not The Black Dahlia Murder‘s style, and Nightbringers is testament to that. Having released an impressive catalogue of accomplished, aggressive, and emotionally diverse music, the Michigan continue to push themselves to new heights, with searing melodic death metal. Since the band are on tour in Australia right now, we thought we'd take a look at all of their releases and rank them from best to worst. Not that they have a bad album, but there's certainly some that are better than others. Take a look...

8. Miasma

The lyrics are dark, the music is brutal and the band is still very young at this stage. Regardless of that, The Black Dahlia Murder is certainly not on the quest for talent as there is an abundance of that shown throughout this record. From the lyrical tone, which spends plenty of time in the dark and violent, but never has to rely on the Satan-laden macabre, to the fast-and-insanely-furious riffage, the record stands as a testament to powerful modern metal, with a nod towards the past and an eye towards the future.

7. Unhallowed

This was for many an introduction to this extreme style of music back in 2004. Being their debut album, it is a little different from their later work. The production is not as clean as later albums which makes the album sound more raw and gritty which works in its favor. Also Trevor Strnad’s vocals aren’t that great on this album. It doesn’t ruin the album but it is certainly something that weakens it. Overall this album is pretty underrated and it's also an album that pretty much opened up many doors for this melodic death metal band.

6. Abysmal

The high level musicianship is one of the great assets of the album in addition to the professional and well sounding production, and the solid songwriting. Most of the songs here have some sort of catchy riff or melody that keeps you invested for a bit. Sadly, The Black Dahlia Murder never uses them in a way that keeps the entire song interesting or memorable. When I look back at, say, "Threat Level No. 3," I think of that neat melody about a minute in that lasts 30 seconds and they only use two or three times in the song. This is one of their more forgettable albums but still extremely solid.

5. Deflorate

The lyrics are fantastic, so I originally thought the album was insanely awesome. When I actually listened to the instruments, the guitar is REALLY hard to hear, which I don't like. Yes Shannon Lucas can blast, but I'd like a little more variation. It is hard to hear the bass. With all that said, it is still a good album, but it is Trevor that really makes this album. It also features "I Will Return" which is one of the best songs they've ever written.

4. Everblack

I don’t even have to say it at this point this is just another strong album by the band. The band continues to create awesome music. This album has a lot of really good songs on it. Strnad sounds great as always. Also another point I’d like to bring up is Strnad’s lyrics are really awesome. He writes some really great lyrics. The song "In Hell is Where She Waits For Me" is proof of this.

3. Ritual

I feel like this album really has the classic, trademark TBDM sound. Everything is great about this album. Vocals, drums, riffs, solos, bass, intros, this album has the perfect mixture of brutality and melody. I can listen to this album start to finish anytime and this is possibly their most diverse and most revolutionary release to date. I love everything about Ritual, from the lyrics, to the imagery, to the explosiveness, it really is some of their best work ever.

2. Nightbringers

The Black Dahlia Murder have released what is possibly their best album of their career thus far 17 years deep into their career. Plus, they have managed to do so using a tried and tested formula that they have rarely deviated from during their tenure in the melodic death metal business. Everything here is more than solid - right from the start the riffs are great and the accompanying instruments all play their part well. A well deserved pat on the back is due it seems as I can find little to no flaws within the nine tracks present on Nightbringers.

1. Nocturnal

I love everything about this album. This is classic TBDM. Even the album cover is classic. The atmosphere of the album really matches the theme they were going for here. The album cover actually describes the music through illustration. For the last 5 years I have been flip flopping between this and Ritual, and now we have Nightbringers to throw in the discussion as to which one is my favorite TBDM album.

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