Show Us Ya Tees: DIET.

If you're a music lover, then chances are you've got a wardrobe full to the brim of band tees you cherish. Whether you wear them to rep your favourite artists today, or keep them as tattered, worn mementos, we all treasure our band merch - the unofficial uniform of music fans the world over. For this edition of Show Us Ya Tees, Melbourne's DIET. have shared some of their highlights ahead of the official launch for their new EP, Sundown (out now).

I’d first like to make mention of the tees that are currently in the wash and weren’t able to make it on here:

  • Slowdive (purchased at their mindblowing show at the Forum earlier this year)

  • Siamese (These legends gave me a free t-shirt after we played with them and British India at The Gov in Adelaide)


I bought this T-shirt after catching DIIV live at the Corner Hotel a couple of years ago. They have been one of the band’s biggest influences, particularly through their ‘Oshin’ album whose artwork is on this very tee. I love to wear this t-shirt at shows because it’s black and sweat isn’t so obvious on it. You’ll notice throughout this list that they’re all black tees so I can wear them at shows ;)

My Bloody Valentine

I bought this tee from Poison City Records on Brunswick Street, cause I haven’t ever seen an MBV shirt for sale or never had the privilege of catching one of their shows. ‘Loveless’ has to be one of my favourite ever albums, and a lot of the bands I mingle with looooove this t-shirt. Definitely would not sell.

Good Boy

I bought this tee after catching the boys at sweaty Yah Yah’s a few months back. Stu the drummer found me after the show because we’d played together with his old band Jouk Mistrow, and he made me aware of the awesome t-shirts they had for sale. I particularly like this one because of the Honda Jazz on it, as well as the BR88P number plate – their song Braap is what got me into these guys big time.


These local heroes were on my radar for about a week or so before my mates Benny and Jack lured me into The Peep Tempel’s farewell show at The Forum, where Batpiss were main support. It’s not often I stumble across a band on the net and immediately get to see them live, so I spent that week thrashing their Rest In Piss album so I could fully appreciate their show. The following day I went down to Poison City and picked myself up a Batpiss tee.

The Peep Tempel

Not much to say about this tee – I picked it up at their farewell show at The Forum and absolutely love it.

Odd Future

People who have been to a DIET show would know that there is always a chance of a bit of rapping to get dropped during the set. I’m not a huuuuuuuge fan of Odd Future, but I really love this tee. I was actually looking for my OFWGKTA t-shirt that I could have added in to this little paragraph on Odd Future, but my band merch has a surprising ability to leave my wardrobe without a trace.

Hell Beach

This is the label who have helped us put out our new EP ‘Sundown’. Andy and the team have helped us enormously with getting our songs studio recorded and mastered, as well as getting vinyl printed for shows around our launch. Thanks heaps guys!!!

Oxford Art Factory

Over the past couple of years DIET has been fanging it up the Hume to play Oxford Art Factory. Usually we’re in the Gallery Bar, but most recently we were in the main room through our tour with British India. I bought me and Ben OAF tees as a reminder of all the hard work we put into playing interstate shows and touring in general. Good place to watch a show too – one time we stopped in at a Dinosaur City Records party there where we first saw Sunscreen. Awesome bunch of bands in that little family.

Poison City Records

Love this label, particularly their releases from Batpiss and Horror My Friend. An excellent place to pick up some band tees. I make it a monthly ritual to stroll in there and buy a few band tees when my wardrobe is looking a bit vanilla.

Sundown is out now on all good digital services!

DIET SUNDOWN EP TOUR TICKETS THU 27 SEP | Evelyn Hotel, MELBOURNE FRI 28 SEP | 'Hills City' at Corner Hotel Carpark, MELBOURNE SUN 30 DEC - MON 1 JAN | NYE On The Hill | GIPPSLAND

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