Album Review: Revocation - The Outer Ones

Artist: Revocation

Album: The Outer Ones

Genre: Metal

Review by Steve Jenkins

Revocation have always pushed the boundaries when it comes to their death metal mixed with thrash metal signature sound. On their seventh studio album, The Outer Ones, Revocation give us another bold, aggressive and complex release therefore cementing them as one of the most consistent metal bands in the world.

Massachusetts-based extreme metal outfit Revocation have released some absolute killer album throughout their career. With an incredible seven full-length albums and an EP in the past 10 years, they have not displayed a single sign of slowing down along the way as they continue to push the limit of what they're capable of as musicians with each new release they put out. Their latest offering, The Outer Ones, yet another captivating, logic-defying success story for the death/thrash quartet. Centerpiece tracks including "Of Unworldly Origin", "Blood Atonement" and "The Outer Ones" grant guitarist/vocalist David Davidson and drummer Ash Pearson (ex 3-Inches of Blood) the opportunity to run wild on their instruments and bring back the full-on aural assault vibe of their back catalog gems like "Deathonomics" and "Pestilence Reigns".

This may be the most straightforward thrash project they've released in ages, but the finest moments of The Outer Ones end up being the sprawling, multi-genre tracks. "A Starless Darkness" features balls-to-the-wall aggression and speed broken up by a staggering progressive mid-section while "Vanitas" regularly shifts between blistering sweep-picking and melodic riffing/soloing before ending on a death metal groove riff so punishing yet satisfying to listen to. Revocation excels at playing a lot of different metal sub-genres and despite most people referencing them as death/thrash metal, the band are at their absolute best when they're combining a number of styles on the same track.

I'm not sure why I continue to be surprised by each Revocation release, I mean, it's almost expected and the day that they release a sub-par album will be a dark day, but I really can't see that happening (touch wood). Their consistency is absolutely mind blowing, and they put most modern metal bands to shame with their creativeness and super tight musicianship. Why this band isn't absolutely massive right now is beyond, they deserve to be in the upper echelon of extreme metal worldwide. However, I am still waiting for their magnum-opus and I'm not sure if I've heard it yet, I guess time will tell. 8.5 out of 10.

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