Bruce Dickinson Spoken Word @ Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane

Photo credit: Jess Miller @earshotphoto

Who: Bruce Dickinson

Where: Eaton's Hill Hotel, Brisbane

When: Wednesday 24th October.

Review: Tam Schilling

Driving into Eaton’s Hill Hotel for the third time in one week I was greeted with an army of Iron Maiden shirts. One would think I was going to an Iron Maiden concert, instead everyone there was eager to attend a night with Bruce Dickinson in conversation.

Bruce is currently touring Australia doing intimate spoken word sessions, something a little different to his previous tours to Australia with Iron Maiden. Tonight, fans are in for a treat of storytelling from the man himself.

Bruce walks out on stage joking about how he is twenty minutes late and how we aren’t at an Axl Rose concert. He captures the audience right from the minute he hits the stage carrying a hessian bag full of tennis balls which he throws out to the audience, even hitting someone by mistake. Bruce is full of jokes about the Australian cricket team whilst throwing the balls out.

Bruce even handles a few hecklers like a seasoned pro as he taunts them with “If you are going to heckle, heckle in English! we are in Australia after all where there are rules for everything.”

Bruce captivated the audience for 90 minutes telling stories, starting off with “How did I get here?”, “Being born is like being on stage, you get hit with bright lights and you start screaming! Most singers are like babies but they get paid to scream!” He first takes the audience through a journey of his school years, from getting expelled for pissing in the headmaster's dinner to getting two tonnes of manure delivered to the headmaster's office to being in his first bands such as “Speed” and then later on “Samson”.

We then break to a twenty-minute interval before Bruce comes back to do a Q&A with the audience for another 60 minutes. Once Bruce came back on the stage after the interval, he commanded the audience’s full attention right from the beginning, even telling one man to take his seat. Bruce starts to read some questions from the audience, ranging from serious topics like “how did your time in Serjeva have an impact on your life” to more fun stuff like “would you prefer robot legs or robot arms?”

Finishing off the night Bruce reads the final chapter from his book titled “Fuck Cancer”.

It’s not often you get the opportunity to sit and listen to a huge icon in Rock N Roll for three hours, however I did feel a little disappointed that he didn’t tell too many stories regarding Iron Maiden, but the stories Bruce did tell left me feeling, as I walked away from the venue, like I can conquer anything life throws at me! He is so positive in everything he says!

Bruce has accomplished so much in his life, not only is he a front man for one of the biggest rock icons - Iron Maiden, he is also a pilot, brews his own beer “Trooper Beer” (which he is thinking about making a brew here in Australia for all us Aussie fans to drink!) and last but not least, he is also a cancer survivor! Bruce finished off his Australian tour here tonight to a crowd of 666, from the cheeky grin on his face as he announced the attendance count which made it all worth it. Thank you for such an intimate experience. Be sure to go out and purchase Bruce’s auto biography “What Does This Button Do?”

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