Single Review: Splintered Halo - Float

Artist: Splintered Halo

Song: Float

Genre: Alternative Metal

Release Date: October 31st, 2018

Splintered Halo are a female fronted metal band from Glasgow, they call themselves character metal as they take certain influences from horror movies, TV shows, comics and books and bring those traits to life through their bizarre yet captivating style of heavy music.

Upon first hearing Splintered Halo, they are unlike anything I've heard recently, or perhaps ever, and unique is certainly one word to describe them. Even the band members have their own characters which they portray whilst playing their music, adding an extra element to their madness. As for the actual music, it sounds very much like a soundtrack to something you'd hear on The Nightmare Before Christmas, with a metal twist. It's rather carnival like, but some kind of twisted, evil, dark carnival. Yes, I can confirm after listening to this song a few times now that I have yet to hear anything like this before, I will give them that. It's certainly creative, and it captures your attention and your imagination all at once. I can see their live shows being somewhat of a theatrical display of madness and something you would not forgot in a hurry.

This style of music may not be for everyone, and it is likely an acquired taste for some, and even metal-heads would agree. But once this single is released for the world to hear, it is definitely worth a listen and I hope that they also accompany the song with some sort of visual to do the creativeness and disturbingly catchy music justice.

You can hear "Float" this Halloween on October 31st.

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