Album Review: Architects - Holy Hell

Artist: Architects

Album: Holy Hell

Genre: Metalcore

Release date: 9 November 2018

Review by Wade Speer

Arguably the biggest and fastest growing band in heavy music have just released their highly anticipated eighth studio album, Holy Hell. The album comes from UK 5-piece known as Architects. The band have certainly been through hell and back over the past 2 years and now they're back, ready to take on the world. This has been long-awaited by many fans since the tragic death of their late guitarist Tom Searle

The band have released 4 songs prior to the album and 'Hereafter' was the first. It is the second track of the album and has a definite connection to Tom’s death. “Now the oceans have drained out, can I come up for air because I’ve been learning to live without, and I’m fighting with broken bones” is the opening line and also the chorus. The song also hits us with one of he heaviest breakdowns of the album.

The title track 'Holy Hell' is my personal favourite on the album, starting off with groovy as guitar work and a catchy chorus. Vocalist Sam Carter’s voice has matured with each album and this album is definitely his best. I also love the double kicks in this song towards the end. The breakdowns in this song are very hard hitting as well. Just all round a very good song that the whole band stands out in.

'Royal Beggars', another song released ahead of the album launch, is also one of my favourites - if you haven't heard it yet, I suggest you do! I didn’t think anything could top it but Holy Hell blew my mind. 'Royal Beggars' is another song where Sam just kills it with his voice.

'Modern Misery', the last single to be released before the album, follows. A lot of fans labeled it their best work yet but I’m not a very big fan of it due to the chorus sounding too mainstream for me lyrics wise. Other than that I have no reason to knock it.

“The Seventh Circle” is short but sweet. Definitely the heaviest song on the album but is not even 2 minutes long. I think it’s kind of an anger vent from all of the stress from the last 2 years. Very different sound to the rest of the album aswell.

“Doomsday” is the second last song of this incredible album. Architects released it over a year ago and I thought it was just a single to keep the fans interested but it's a welcome addition to this album. It’s well known even before this release, that their guitar performances were top-notch and executed superbly. Kind of a tribute to Tom I guess you could say, but to be honest though I’ve over played this song so much that it's now a bit of a tired track, but still a great song nonetheless.

“A Wasted Hymn” in my opinion is a great way to close out the album. Probably the softest song they have on here but they’ve done it very well and broken a lot of comfort zones throughout this album.

Overall I love this album and no doubt it’s the release of the year for me so far. I don’t understand how a band gets better and better after every album. Not many can do it but Architects are a crazy talented bunch of blokes who know exactly what they’re doing. This is a powerful, emotionally evocative modern metalcore record that rewards a close listen, and I suspect will only get stronger the more one lives with it. As anyone would expect, this is their most mature record. Heavy both musically and thematically, it may be their defining LP, and one of the most important to come from the genre.

Noteable mentions:

Mortal After All


Dying to Heal

9.5 out of 10.

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