Gig Review: Fozzy + These Four Walls + Dirty Brew @ The Triffid, Brisbane

Headliner: Fozzy

Supports: These Four Walls + Dirty Brew

Venue: The Triffid, Brisbane

Date: November 14th,2018

Review:Jay Kleinschmidt

Photos: Tam Schilling @ Tamcam Images

The Triffid came alive last night for Fozzy, who played the final show of their Australian tour in support of their latest release, Judas. I came to know of Fozzy because of their flamboyant front-man, who is also a professional wrestler, Chris Jericho. A consummate professional, and a fantastic showman, Chris Jericho absolutely brought the house down last night with his energetic stage persona and presence.

The first support band of the night was Dirty Brew. Any headbanger would love this outfit, their riffs are catchy and straight to the point. The lead guitarist sports a Rob Zombie hairstyle with a Dimebag guitar and the singer has a dirty pub metal voice. It’s a shame that most of the punters hadn’t arrived yet when this band was playing as they’re a good group to see. Undeterred, they had their audience head banging and primed for the rest of the night. Definitely check them out if you haven’t already.

The second act, These Four Walls, are a band I only heard for the first time last night and I was impressed. I pictured them as Linkin Park meets P.O.D. However, when looking at their band page they like artists such as Sevendust and Alterbridge. Either way, they were a good group. Originally, they hailed from New Zealand but have more recently found a home base on the Gold Coast, they’re a band worth seeing. They left the audience warmed up for the main act.

Fozzy absolutely smashed the night, starting off with the title track of their most recent release, 'Judas'. They continued with the second song off the album, 'Drinking With Jesus'. They played the remainder of their set with a mixture of some older fan favourites and other songs from Judas, and an ABBA cover.

Chris Jericho absolutely stole the show last night, creatively using his stage antics from his wrestling persona to gee up the crowd. For those who may not know, Chris is a very big deal in professional wrestling, having won world heavy weight championships - but I digress, Chris’s showmanship was absolutely next level. It showed in his energy, the way he held the microphone (including upside down), the ways he primed the crowd, and the ways he teased them.

The band had everyone doing the famous sporting chant “Fozzie Fozzie Fozzie! Oi Oi Oi!”. Chris also split the audience in two and held the microphone to one side to get them to cheer before going to the other side to get them to cheer. Then he would creatively move back and forth with the microphone to a rhythm which got the crowd performing a chant.

Their ‘final’ song was another cover, T.N.T., by ACDC. Once again, Chris’s showmanship delivered as the band didn’t even need to walk off the stage before performing their encore, Sandpaper – but he made the crowd work for it by getting us to cheer in a similar style to ‘hulking up’ in wrestling, if the noise wasn’t loud enough, they weren’t going to play!

It was a fun night, and everybody will eagerly await Fozzy for when they return to our shores in the future. Well done guys!


1) Judas

2) Drinkin with Jesus

3) One Crazed Anarchist

4) Sin and Bones

5) Burn Me Out

6) Painless

7) Spider in My Mouth

8) Elevator

9) Do You Wanna Start a War

10) SOS

11) Lights Go Out

12) Wolves at Bay

13) Enemy

14) T.N.T.

15) Sandpaper

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