Interview: Jason Butler of Fever 333

Written by Steve Jenkins

Explicitly devoted to a revolutionary cause and delivering aggressive advocacy through a molotov cocktail of punk, hip-hop, and thrash, FEVER 333’s activism serves as the banner for the band’s focus on community, charity, and change. FEVER 333 have just released their highly anticipated Roadrunner/333 Wreckords Crew debut LP, STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS. The album is led by the incendiary new single "BURN IT", which is streaming on all major platforms. FEVER 333 are currently on the road in Europe supporting Bring Me The Horizon on their global First Love Tour, and are set to return to the states this January for the tour’s North American leg. After which the band will arrive for their first ever shows in Australia as part of the Download Festival in March 2019. We were lucky enough to have a chat with frontman, Jason Butler, to discuss the new album, their upcoming performances at Download Festival and plenty more.

Hey Jason, thank you so much for chatting with us today, how's everything going for you right now?

Yeah good man, I'm just chillin' outside of my house while my wife is in the garage doing some work with the door open looking as beautiful as ever, and yeah, everything is good.

Very nice, well it's definitely exciting times ahead for Fever 333, so can you explain to us how the whole concept and idea came about for the band?

Yeah, it is, it's a a set of ideas that I've had for a long time. I was just kinda like introducing them to Letlive, and thinking of different ways to present it, so yeah, it's definitely something that I've been working on and trying to craft for a long time now.

Is the message you're trying to project through your music similar to your previous work in Letlive, or is it a more political or a more revolutionary point that you're making?

I think ultimately it's a little more distilled and a little more direct, it's an idea of power that I'd like to encourage within the people. I think with Letlive there was certainly similar themes, I know that for a fact, when it came to politics and sociopolitical and sociology also, but this record feels a little more distilled and a little more direct in regards to things that we've observed in the current climate, politically and globally. It's pretty much a reaction to what we've observed and putting it all into these songs.

With the success of your EP, Made An America, and your latest singles from this new album, are you happy with all of positive attention and reactions towards this new project?

Yeah man, it's really cool, I just feel really privileged and we are very flattered with the way that we've been received and the way that people have invested in us and understood this project. I just think that it's certainly an honor and we have to make sure that we honor that with authenticity and making sure that we do what we say that we came here to do. I think that's what people deserve. We're just very fortunate at this point in time.

And the fact that you fit so many different styles of music and use so many influences, is that because you think that you're music should be for everyone and you don't want to leave anyone out?

Yes, that's actually exactly why. And also because I personally, as well as the other guys in the band, we all come from different backgrounds, we all love a lot of similar types of music, but also some very different types of music. We engage with different people and environments, so between the 5 of us we want to make sure that we're able to speak to everything that is spoken to us in a significant way.

Of course we can't wait to see FEVER 333 at Download Festival in Sydney and Melbourne this March, are you pretty excited to be a part of this amazing lineup of artists?

Yeah man, I guess that it's all very incredible and it's just wild man, it's wild to be considered for these things among such legendary acts and iconic acts and artists in such a short amount of time. We're feeling very blessed, not like hashtag blessed, but like actually blessed.

Last time I saw you live it was with Letlive, and you were wearing an Anthrax t-shirt, and those guys are going to be playing at Download also, are you excited to see a few of those legendary metal and punk bands this time?

Yeah dude, that's the thing, even just growing up and watching these bands and seeing them thinking that's it, that's what I want to do, and looking up to these bands. They figured it out, they cracked the code, those guys are at the top, and to be alongside them is crazy, it is very crazy and it's flattering for sure, and very humbling.

Do you enjoy the Australian culture and the people here when you are touring? What do you enjoy most about Australia?

I love the investment that people make in Australia towards music and in what is known as Australian music culture. I think that there is a very warm and welcoming piece of that culture when we come and visit, well at least from what I've experienced anyway. We feel that we're so far away from home when we are there, yet we also feel like we just went down the street to play a show. You know what I mean? That's something very special, and you don't get that everywhere you go. Again, it's very unique and particular to Australia music culture, specifically when it comes to guitar based music. Australia definitely has a special place in my heart.

Check out their video for "Burn It" below:

The new album Strength in Numb333rs is out now on all music platforms.

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