Gig Review: Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators + Devilskin @ The Brisbane Convention Centr

Headliner: Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators

Support: Devilskin

Venue: The Brisbane Convention Centre, Brisbane

Date: January 30th, 2019

Review: Jay Kleinschmidt

Photos: Tam Schilling @ Tamcam Images

Last night Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators played at the Convention Center in support of their new album, Living the Dream. The band have been going strong for 8 years and only continue to get better. Slash’s connection with Guns N' Roses is only a minor detail, with only one of their covers in the set, which just shows the strong output of this band. The crowd was lining up outside the Convention Center hours before the doors open, waiting so they could hustle for prime position near the barrier. They weren’t disappointed last night.

The support act for the night was New Zealand based band, Devilskin. The striking attire of the band matched their heavy music. The singer wore a black corset with a skeleton on it. The guitarist and bassist both sported Scott Ian (Anthrax) inspired beards that were dyed a devil red colour; and they had uniform shirts to match. Musically, this band had a heavy edge to it fronted by a really talented singer who could sing beautiful melodies and she could also deliver harrowingly deep guttural growls. The band backed her with a rocking heavy sound and their package was well executed so she could sing or growl at just the right times. The band took a brief moment mid-set to dedicate a song to a friend who tragically took his own life. It didn’t break the tone of the set as they kept powering on with their songs. They were a real treat to watch.

The crowd were roaring when Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators took to the stage. They opened the set with the first song off their latest album “Call of the Wild”. They followed up with “Halo” from Apocalyptic Love. The set was a good mixture of songs from the band’s three albums and a some from Slash’s first solo album. Slash fans were served a two hour set with twenty two songs. The band didn’t do much talking – in fact Slash only spoke once – they just plowed through the songs leaving no time to waste. The band was tight and Myles’ singing was really strong. The bassist took over lead vocals for a few songs midway through, showcasing his many talents whilst giving Myles a well-earned breather. “Dr Alibi” was another standout song, and the bassist gave a fitting dedication to the late great, Lemmy Kilmister, who contributed to the recording.

The guitar playing was tight last night. Slash fans were presented with top notch guitar playing and the many solos were met with cheers. He ran around the stage with the vigor of a teenager, which goes to show his never-waning enthusiasm for his music is as strong as ever. The band ended the night with “Anastasia” from Apocalyptic Love, the band’s epic six minute magnum opus. Fans left feeling they got their money’s worth and will eagerly be awaiting their return!

Set List:

Call of the Wild


Standing in the Sun


Back from Cali

My Antidote

Bent to Fly

Serve You Right

Read Between the Lines

We’re All Gonna Die

Doctor Alibi

The One You Love is Gone

Wicked Stone

Mind Your Manners

Driving Rain

By the Sword

Night Train


You’re a Lie

World on Fire

Shadow Life


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