Gig Review: Dee Snider + Desecrator @ The Manning Bar, Sydney

Headliner: Dee Snider

Support: Desecrator

Venue: Manning Bar Sydney

Date: 1st February 2019

Review: Tam Schilling

Photos: Tam Schilling

It’s been a long time between visits, thirty-five years in fact, but last night I finally got to witness Dee Snider live in concert. Something I never thought I would ever get to witness. Dee is currently on tour in Australia doing a set of unique shows. He is only visiting Melbourne & Sydney, however, doing two separate shows in each city. The first night being a “spoken” show (which I unfortunately missed as I was still in Brisbane) followed up the next night with a “shouted” show.

As I arrive to the Manning Bar for my first ever show here, I notice it’s a weird venue, situated in the middle of a uni. However, I was soon greeted by around 30 hardcore fans who had been waiting in line for hours waiting for those magical doors to open. The atmosphere outside amongst the fans was high, everyone was eager to finally see Dee Snider rock out in the flesh.

Warming up the crowd in Sydney was Melbourne Thrash band Desecrator. I personally don’t know too much about this band as tonight is the first time I’ve heard of them. They came roaring out onto the stage ready to rock. As the crowd was slowly filling the venue, these guys sure knew how to warm up a crowd. There was hair flying everywhere!

Desecrator introduced a new song titled “Manic” which was written about mental health before thanking Sydney for having such a big Heavy Metal scene. Vocalist Riley Strong sure was keen to get the crowd warmed up telling them “your head is attached to you neck which is attached to your shoulders, so let’s get them moving!”. I was very impressed by this band’s energy and how tight their music was. I will definitely be looking these guys up to listen to all of their music.

Now the time has come, the crowd has piled into the Manning Bar ready to catch the man himself, Dee Snider. Being that he hasn’t toured here for so long, I imagine a lot of people in this venue would never have gotten the chance to see him before. The crowd was pumped and waiting!

From the moment Dee storms the stage, he has the crowd’s full attention. Starting off the night with two tracks from his latest album titled “For the Love of Metal”. Powering on with the set came some classic Twisted Sister songs like “You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll” followed up by “Under the Blade”.

Dee takes a moment to talk to the crowd as everyone in the crowd is eager to hear the mention of Clive Palmer. With all the antics that have come to light over the past month, there has been war between Clive and Dee. With Clive re-working the classic Twisted Sister song “We’re Not Gonna Take It” into his own version to use in his current campaign. Dee talks to the crowd “After spending a couple of days here and meeting all you lovely people, I can see that Australia isn’t full of idiots like Clive Palmer. He has no reflection on the good people of Australia”. Dee dedicates the next song to him, “Roll Over You", as it seems an appropriate song. However, it actually wasn’t written for Clive, it was written for Dee’s new album months before this war started.

Surprisingly the next song in the set was the classic “We’re Not Gonna Take It”. I, for one, was surprised to hear this song so early in the set, thinking he would play it last. However, after the song Dee makes it known to the crowd that he knows a lot of people only came to see that one song. He plays it early in the set on purpose so those people who only came to see that song, and not all of what he has, can say ‘goodbye and go the fuck home’.

Dee made mention that he is only touring to Melbourne and Sydney and not Brisbane because Brisbane is not worthy. Come on Dee, I travelled from Brisbane to Sydney just to see you! Give Brisbane a chance buddy!

Tonight, we were treated to a great mixture of songs from Dee’s solo career and classic Twisted Sister songs. The only way to finish off his first set in Australia was with a classic cover of a great Australian Rock Band who had a massive influence on his life “ACDC - Highway to Hell”.

I travelled to see this man in the flesh and I am so glad I did as I walked out of the room feeling like I’d got to witness one of the greatest rock and roll front men from the 80’s. What an experience. I came to see great rock and roll and that’s exactly what I got! Thanks for coming to Australia and please next time can you add Brisbane to your tour list!

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