Gig Review: Faster Pussycat + The Art + Black Whiskey @ Crowbar Brisbane

Headliner: Faster Pussycat

Supports: Black Whiskey + The Art

Venue: Crowbar, Brisbane

Date: Sunday, 17th February

Review: Jay Kleinschmidt

Photos: Tam Schilling

Faster Pussycat headlined the Crowbar last night with support bands Black Whisky and The Art. Now for an L.A. band going since 1987, The Crowbar would have been an intimate gig compared to some of the rock arenas and other big gigs they may have been used to. Undeterred, Faster Pussycat brought the house down as they have been doing for their whole Australian tour. Patrons gradually filed in for support bands Black Whisky and The Art with the room pretty full by the time Faster Pussycat took to the stage.

The first band up was Black Whisky. They had the look and music that was reminiscent of Faster Pussycat. They were a riff driven band that warmed up the crowd nicely. Their clear AC/DC influence oozed through their music and the singer hit the high notes in a similar style to Brian Johnson. "Rock n Roll Rebel" was a standout track for them. If you haven’t seen these guys before then definitely check them out.

Next up was The Art. This band made the night for me. They were good, really good. This band joined Faster Pussycat on this Australian tour and, although the two groups play different styles of hard-edged music, I can see why the two joined forces for this tour. The Art have a very alternative punk rock feel to them, which is quite a juxtaposition to the L.A. based hard rock acts that Faster Pussycat would normally associate with such as L.A. Guns. Founders Azaria (singer), and bassist Kara (bassist) looked like seasoned veterans of the Australian music scene, although they are still quite young. The Art were my favourite band of the night and I cannot wait to see them again in the future. You have a new fan, guys!

Finally, Faster Pussycat took to the stage. The room was filled and everybody was eagerly awaiting. This band rocked right from the beginning. They wore their U.S. roots on their sleeves. The U.S. flag was seen on T-shirts and even as a veneer on lead guitarist Ace Von Johnson’s guitar. Everyone was chanting along to the words of their songs, with their ballade, House of Pain being the standout track of the night. The band was on song, with founding member Taime Down leading the charge. He was sporting his trademark skipper cap and black sunglasses.

Towards the end of the set a very memorable synth tone and melody starts to play and I realise they are about to cover "Don’t Change" from INXS. They rocked the song and everybody chanted the words! I couldn’t see why they’d play this song as I didn’t think they were known for it. Afterwards they played another cover and continued with a montage of covers. I think it’s nice to pay homage to the music that influences your band but I felt they played too many covers. That’s only my opinion, the whole venue loved it!

Overall, the night was a big success and the performances of all the bands rocked! It was evident that Faster Pussycat enjoyed touring with The Art with members joining each other on stage during their sets, which was a nice touch. The two bands will no doubt be great friends after this tour is over and we hope to see them sharing the stage again in the future!

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