Punk Rock Legends Bad Religion Announce New Album

LA punk rock stalwarts Bad Religion are gearing up to release a new album this May 3 via Epitaph Records titled Age of Unreason. The release is full to the brim of their trademark political message, aiming to inspire with their powerful messages of humanity, reason, and individuality.

“The band has always stood for enlightenment values,” co-songwriter and guitarist Brett Gurewitz explains. “Today, these values of truth, freedom, equality, tolerance, and science, are in real danger. This record is our response.”

Age of Unreason is both furious and passionate, with references to contemporary events; racist rallies, Trump's election, the erosion of the middle class, Colin Kaepernick's protest, alternative facts, conspiracy theories, and homages to the literary and philosophoical works that have inspired the band.

Age of Reason will be out May 3 via Epitaph Records. Pre-order it here.

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