Album Review: Truth Corroded - Bloodlands

Artist: Truth Corroded Album: Bloodlands Genre: Metal Release Date: 22 March 2019

Reviewed by Sam Radojcin

Having been around since their inception in 1997, Truth Corroded are one of the most enduring forces in Australia’s metal scene, having practically seen and done it all with a well established legacy behind them and that is testament and on full display in their 6th full length entitled Bloodlands.

As "To The Carnal Earth" blasts out, the precedent and pace have been set and that’s heavy, hard and fast by delivering a tsunami of riffs and groove that destroys all in it’s path with little to no remorse. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Suffocation’s Terrance Hobbs throws down an equally sharp guitar solo too.

After 20 plus years, their well established death / thrash style is proudly on show in tracks such as "The End Of He Who Reigns", "Victims Left Lepers", the pulsating flow of "Conquest Of Divide" and "The Leeches Feed", a technically driven riff fueled barrage that could make any guitarist’s picking hand tremble in fear with ex-Black Dahlia Murder guitarist Ryan Knight adding the proverbial cherry on top with a mind bending guitar solo.

There are some melodic leanings "The Storm" and the acoustic interlude "Bloodlands", but the album closer "I Once Breathed" is an interesting and unique beast to behold. Without completely deviating from where Truth Corroded stand musically, there is an atmospheric and ambient feel weaved in (courtesy of Deftones’ guitarist Stephen Carpenter) that underpins it all with unique melodic styling / soundscape.

Throughout Bloodlands, Truth Corroded continue to build upon their previously established sound with a collection of big, dynamic and hard hitting compositions. All in all, there’s a reason they’ve been around for 20+ years - like a fine wine, Truth Corroded always seem to get better with age.

8 out of 10.

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