Alexisonfire Release New Video For 'Familiar Drugs'

Alexisonfire has dropped the official video for track 'Familiar Drugs', teaming up once again with Michale Maxxis, the director of AOF video 'The Northern'.

Speaking on the video, guitarist Wade MacNeil says "Everything came together really fast. Maxxis flew into Toronto with a crew of 4 people, found the plainest room he could and shot us on VHS tape and cellphones in a day. We were all really drawn to the vibe of old punk documentaries and videos from the 70's and 80's. We asked for a lo fi, no bullshit performance video and that’s what he delivered.”

Michale Maxxis said baout the video "I thought it would be cool to put a very normal woman in this tight space with Alexisonfire performing. She represents the withdrawn and disinterested sales force that is out there moving product to make a buck - regardless of what it is. She doesn't give a shit about this band or their music - maybe she even thinks it's stupid. There's no passion there, so she stands miserably in the background. A nice metaphor for life I think."

“‘Familiar Drugs’ is about recognizing you need to make a change in your life, being presented with the opportunity to make that change, and then choosing to do the same thing you always do." Says vocalist George Pettit about the track, "It’s about something very specific to me but it can be taken literally or interpreted in any number of ways. Most people have something in their lives they can’t quit: substances, unhealthy relationships, lethargy, self righteousness, a job they hate. ‘Familiar Drugs’ is about choosing comfort over self betterment."​

'Familiar Drugs' is out now on all good digital services.

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