Deadlights Unleash New Single 'Bathed In Venom'

Brisbane post-hardcore quartet Deadlights are looking inwards on new single 'Bathed In Venom', exploring how they've overcome their inner saboteurs in the reflective new track.

Vocalist Dylan Davidson says "Bathed In Venom is a song about defeating the inner voice that rings in everyone's ears whispering negative things. The one saying 'you’re not good enough'; making you question your art and ability. It’s about climbing out of a mental hole and taking an aggressive stand against that voice. Shouting in defiance 'I’m taking control!' That feeds right into the ethos Deadlights live by."

The groups Greyscale Records debut Mesma was met with rave reviews back in 2017 and now Deadlights are looking to keep the momentum with their newest offering. Bassist/vocalist Sean Prior explains "The track for me musically is probably the most aggressive thing Deadlights has done. It carries an attitude of defiance and perseverance throughout, and I can’t wait to play it front of the fans who have been so very patient while we crafted this beast. This is but a taste of what’s to come, something to tide you over and prepare you for what’s to follow. More will come. Sooner than you think."

'Bathed In Venom' is out now on all good digital services through Greyscale Records.

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