Album Review: Full Of Hell - Weeping Choir

Artist: Full Of Hell

Album: Weeping Choir

Genre: Grindcore

Review by Steve Jenkins

Weeping Choir is the fourth full-length LP from Delaware's best extreme metal export, Full Of Hell. This album, much like their previous releases, is not for the faint of heart. Their sound is confronting, harsh and ridiculously heavy. But what we have here with Weeping Choir is quite possibly one of the best grindcore albums ever. So let's break it down a little.

Full Of Hell take grindcore and crank it up to eleven, adding elements of noise, sludge, electronic and ambiance that is quite frankly unparalleled in today's music scene. Their last album, 2017's Trumpeting Ecstasy was very well received and really put their name on the map. They got a lot of buzz from that record and often got comparison to genre bending legends, Nails, which is one of the best compliments you could receive given the style of music.

Some things I've noticed about this release are, the sound is overall a little more sludge orientated, it's a very thick and muddy sound. But when they want to, they get the speed going and go full-on ballistic. You still get your blast beats and your violent and venomous vocals, but there are also a lot of slower moments on here. Dylan Walker (vocalist) is a standout, his vocal range is just absolutely uncanny, from his haunting shrieks to his brooding growls. There's truly nobody else like him right now and that right there is why this album is outstanding.

Full Of Hell incorporate so many different styles of metal that I love, and that's why I think I find them so appealing. I'm hearing old school death metal, brutal death metal, grindcore, black metal, industrial metal, and there's no point on this album that it sounds discordant.

The longest track on the album, "Armory of Obsidian Glass" is an easy standout, featuring seven rare minutes of incredible and nightmarish sludge and a black metal finale that constitute one of the best tracks the band has ever produced. Meanwhile, "Rainbow Coil" will cause you to wake up from your commute purely because of the uncomfortable slab of noise that you're ears are inducing. With literally crushing sounds and gunshots blasting, you feel like you're in a movie like Terminator.

Overall, Full Of Hell have released another exceptional album, which will no doubt end up being one of my personal favourite's of the year. I think a lot of people looking for a gateway to the ultra-extreme metal sub-genre will find Weeping Choir appealing in more ways than one. I'm so excited for this band and I wish them the success and recognition that they deserve. Definitely check this out if you like your extreme metal senses to be tested.

9 out of 10

Weeping Choir is out now on Relapse Records.

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