Gravemind Share New Single 'Phantom Pain' From Forthcoming Album

Melbourne metal entrepreneurs Gravemind have teased us with yet another scorcher of a track from their upcoming album in a way their fans have come to expect. The new single titled "Phantom Pain" was released earlier today and is taken from their debut album Conduit which will arrive this July via Greyscale Records.

Check out the video below:

While the concept of pain is universal to all living beings, the understanding of phantom pain is one that eludes most. Gravemind's vocalist Dylan Gillies-Parsons channeled the imagery of the experience into the band's emotionally brutal new song.

"To me, Phantom Pain is the result of not being able to comprehend how anyone could bring life into the world, and then not do everything in their power to ensure that soul is taken care of. I believe we can only ever be responsible for ourselves - no one asked to be born, and we are all the masters of our own universe - however I can't find love for those who create life, consciously or accidentally, and then falter without recompense."

Gravemind's debut album Conduit will arrive this July via Greyscale Records, with pre-orders now available HERE.

Gravemind also return to their original stomping grounds of Tasmania with label mates Alpha Wolf this July before being part of the massive line-up for Greyscale Records' 2019 Showcase.

Conduit is coming.

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