Gig Review: Pridelands + Supports @ Crowbar, Brisbane

Headliner: Pridelands

Support: Blood Knuckles, UNI/VS, BLKLST

Venue: Crowbar, Brisbane

Date: 21st June, 2019

On top of their new single “Dark Sources”, Melbourne 5-piece Pridelands are no strangers to Brisbane’s metal scene and tore the Crowbar venue down as if it were a Riverstage headliner - here are the details.

Blood Knuckles open the night to what is quite an underwhelming crowd. They slowly and surely start pulling people from the back of the room and upstairs to get a closer look at what they’re about. By the end of their set, almost everyone is having a cheeky head-bang to what was a surprisingly catchy live band.

Second up is Brisbane’s own UNI/VS who instantly pull in quite a few punters who are keen on the local Brisbane band. Despite the sound quality being a bit lower than the rest, they noticeably get the crowd moving with their old school breakdowns and catchy heavy riffs.

Next up we have the main support for the tour, Melbourne's BLKLST. To be honest, they really, really surprised me from the opening. I had heard a song of theirs prior to this evening, but hearing them live just got me into them so much more! The quality of their performance was kept at a high right throughout their set. They introduce a different sound to the metal scene that I can’t even describe myself. You’ll have to check them out to see for yourself.

Last but not the least, the band everyone’s here for! Pridelands kick it off with their undeniably catchy new single "Dark Sources". From the very beginning, vocalists Mason Bunt and Joshua Cory nail and execute every single note brilliantly. You could feel the bass drum thumping in your chest and the breakdowns almost blowing your ear drums apart. This was hands down the best live performance I’ve ever seen them do. Spanning a set-list containing both old and new songs, as well as fast paced and slow tracks. “Any Colour You Desire” and “Machina” especially were such great songs live. Every fan knew every single word and it made for a very special night to all those in attendance, including the bands. I can’t wait until they’re back here in August!

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