Album Review: He Is Legend - White Bat

Artist: He Is Legend

Album: White Bat

Genre: Hard Rock Review by Steve Jenkins

North Carolina hard rockers, He Is Legend, are probably one of the most underappreciated and best sounding bands that you may or may not know about. They're dirty, gritty, groovy and hard as hell, like a shot of whiskey with something smooth to wash it down. Over the years they've only gotten better at what they do, and that's writing kick-ass heavy rock music that is infectious and always of the highest standard. Now, in 2019, they continue to impress with their sixth studio album, White Bat. Their previous album, 2017's few, was a big success for the band and certainly gave them a much needed resurgence after a 5 year hiatus between 2009 and 2014. Now they're back and once again delivering something that's sorely missing these days, and that's some grungy rock music with a southern twist.

The album kicks off with the title track, "White Bat", which is a three and a half minute rager that gives the listener a promising idea of what's in store. The really cool thing about this band is that you never really know which direction they're going to go in. They take different elements from rock music and add all sorts of melody and groove to it, with chunky riffs layered over the top to give it that extra bit of heaviness. Standout tracks such as "Burn All Your Rock Records", "Eye Teeth" and "Resister Resist Her" and prime examples of how they take a primarily heavy track and completely refine the sound with their own southern flavour.

The entire album is solid from beginning to end, and you find yourself at the end of the last song before you know it. But then you also will want to go back and listen to it over and over again, because that's how good it is. I think He Is Legend are a perfect mixture of hard hitting rock n' roll with the right amount of melody and I guess slower moments that give you a little bit of time to rest. Because when these guys get going, they get going hard and the energy is almost impossible to resist. The singles that these guys released before the album dropped were also excellent and a great way to build up hype for White Bat. "Boogiewoman" and "Eye Teeth" are just full of groove and head-banging goodness.

It's been a steady uprise for He Is Legend over the past decade, and I can only seem them gain more attention from those who appreciate really good modern rock music. They are a band that metalheads can enjoy, and I think also people that don't really listen to metal but enjoy some catchy music hard rock with a bit of an edge will get into as well. I hope to see this band explode once people hear this album and their back catalogue which is also very impressive, but if they don't, I don't really care because at least I know they exist and that makes me very happy.

9 out of 10.

White Bat is out now on Spinefarm Records.

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