Album Review: Pestis Inferos - Beyond The Veil of Light

Artist: Pestis Inferos

Album: Beyond The Veil of Light

Genre: Black Metal

Review by Simon Strelein

Hailing from the snowiest of big cities Syracuse (NY), adherents of true Black Metal, Pestis Inferos, understand the term bleak. Like their Nordic counterparts, this band encapsulates a sound born of a winter environment, where weather changes rapidly, drastically, and frequently impacts environs and human emotions. Beyond The Veil of Light exists as homage to that sound born of the North. Five scathing tracks of relentless intent that will leave fans of that early black metal sound waiting for their next offering. The recording was tracked live with only vocals and second guitars tracked separately. Furious tremolo picking and blast beats abound throughout its 25 minute duration with little respite. The resulting abrasive sound is intentional, reminding the listener of such albums as Darkthrone's 'Transylvanian Hunger' or Dark Funeral's 'Under The Sign'. Indeed, the first track of the EP stands as testament to this, it's very name 'From Throne To Funeral' serves as a tongue in cheek reminder of Pestis Inferos' goals to capture that primal rage. Dark and raw, 'Beyond The Veil Of Light' concentrates a sound like many other black metal release from recent years, yet still offers something intriguing. Tracks like 'Within The Darkness, I Dwell' and 'Fine Line Of Salvation' resound with a hate-filled savagery often lacking in most run of the mill black metal clones. Pure, unadulterated scorn and fury. 7 out of 10

For fans of Darkthrone, Dark Funeral, Mayhem & Marduk.

Beyond The Veil Of Light is out now -

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