Album Review: Tomb Mold - Planetary Clairvoyance

Artist: Tomb Mold

Album: Planetary Clairvoyance

Genre: Death Metal

Review by Steve Jenkins

Toronto's fastest rising death metal outfit, Tomb Mold, have had nothing but buzz surrounding their name ever since last years super impressive LP, Manor of Infinite Forms, was released. It was hailed as one of the best underground death metal releases of the year and rightfully so. Their trademark old school death metal sound combined with their hard-hitting and extremely well executed riffs make for a gratifying listen that pretty much any headbanger would enjoy. Now, almost a year later they've already thrown another album at us, Planetary Clairvoyance, but does it hold a candle to their previous album? Let's find out.

Tomb Mold are very good at creating that OSDM sound and combining it with a modern, almost forward-thinking approach. Some of their tracks sound like they just stepped out of 1992 after recording at Morrisound with legendary producer Scott Burns, and others sound like an apocalyptic soundtrack for the future when robots inevitably destroy us all.

What we have here is basically a continuation of their previous work, albeit improving those little finer details and making everything sound super polished. You couldn't start an album off more perfectly than with "Beg For Life" which is just a cavalcade of riffs and demonic vocals that also encompasses so much groove as well, further cementing these guys as one of the most headbangable (is that even a word?) and catchiest bands in death metal today.

Everything from the tight solos, that thick and muddy guitar tone which just flows so damn effortlessly, those nasty gutteral vocals, and the riffs! Oh the riffs! This is just everything you want in a death metal record, 7 tracks, 38 minutes, no bullshit, some old school and new school, which overall end up equaling perfection in my mind. This isn't exactly a game changer or a genre defying album by any means, but when you hear songwriting executed so strongly like you do on this album, then you definitely have to recognise it and pay attention to what this band is doing.

It's scary to think that Tomb Mold have released 2 incredible albums in the span of 12 months give or take, I just hope they don't become one of those bands that takes the quantity over quality approach. But if they keep releasing albums of this standard, then keep them coming. In closing, if someone where to ask me to show them a modern death metal album, I would definitely show them this as I feel it's a perfect representation of the highest quality when it comes to this genre.

9 out of 10.

Planetary Clairvoyance is out now on 20 Buck Spin. BUY IT NOW!

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