Album Review: Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind

Artist: Slipknot

Album: We Are Not Your Kind

Genre: Metal

Review by Steve Jenkins

Just 20 years after their game changing debut Self Titled album that changed the metal landscape, Slipknot are back with their sixth studio album and it's an absolute monster.

Undeniably one of the most influential and entertaining bands in heavy music, the masked nine are always pushing it to the limit when it comes to how innovative and unique their music comes across. Fans (or maggots in this case) have been chomping at the bit ever since the album was announced, with indications from Corey Taylor that this would be some of their heaviest work to date, from that moment the excitement levels shot up. He was not wrong, We Are Not Your Kind is one of the most intense, unforgiving and experimental releases of the bands career. There is plenty of familiarity on this album, but there's also lots of new and exciting moments featured that you've never heard the band try before. 

If you're a fan of the IOWA era of Slipknot, you'll love tracks like "Nero Forte", "Red Flag" and "Critical Darling". These songs show their more hostile and destructive side, with pummeling double kick-drums, speedy riffs and volatile percussion. Each of these tracks mentioned provide an extremely catchy and hooky chorus that will go down a treat in a live setting. That's one of Slipknot's greatest strengths in my opinion, their ability to create such blistering verses with crushing heaviness, and then go into an almost radio friendly chorus that you'll find yourself singing along to.

The experimentation comes through on tracks such as "My Pain" and "Spiders", which features haunting keys resembling the horror movie classic Halloween and other creepy samples festering in this weird but welcome addition. Some of the tracks are quite long on WANYK, with a few of them exceeding the 6 minute mark. But that only adds to the experience, with intriguing samples and interludes that grab your attention before they gradually build-up to the pure chaos and rage that unfolds, which works quite well in this setting.

The lyrics and vocals are definitely a standout on this album, with Corey Taylor quite obviously pouring his heart out and revealing his deepest and darkest secrets on here. Coming from a place of pure anger and separation, Taylor lets it all out on WANYK, with his trademark roars and melodic range, this ends up being one of the best performances of his career. 

We Are Not Your Kind is a definitive Slipknot album, it's the band at their very best in all aspects. The songwriting is next level, showcasing some of the bands most well-written music ever, whilst maintaining that aggression and disastrous behavior that we all know and love. You can find tracks on here that will satisfy every fan, and then there's the stuff that when you dig a little deeper for you discover something special. I would have loved for them to have included last years single “All Out Life” as it’s one of their best songs in years and I think it would have fit in really well here, but that’s the only thing that I would change. We Are Not Your Kind is heavy, tragic, beautiful, dark, experimental, catchy and chaotic. This is Slipknot at their f*cking finest. 

9.5 out of 10

We Are Not Your Kind is out now via Roadrunner Records.

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