Interview: Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose

Straight out of Kentucky, one of the hottest hardcore acts going right now, Knocked Loose, have released their highly anticipated new album, A Different Shade of Blue. A mammoth of a sophomore release and massive step forward for the band and for hardcore and metal as we know it. Recorded by producer Will Putney, the new LP was approached slower and more methodically. Abandoning the previous 'live in studio' recording approach for something more deliberate, the band cranked out twelve new tracks that deal with all manner of anger, especially loss in lieu of absence. Vocalist and lyricist Bryan Garris found catharsis as well as some of his most intensely personal lyrics to date. We had a chat with the lead vocalist about the new album, lyrics, touring Australia and more.

Your new album 'A Different Shade Of Blue' is one of the heaviest sounding things I've heard in a long time, how do get your music to sound so damn intense like that?

We just make music that we like and try and make it sound as good as possible, I think the production really helps and it makes us sound heavier for sure. We like to take different influences from bands we listen to and just make heavy music pretty much.

The lyrics on this new album seem a bit more personal and from the heart compared to Laugh Tracks, what were some of your influences and inspirations when writing these songs?

I just got an opportunity to really focus on myself with this record, and it was a very therapeutic process for me. I tried to pull from personal experiences, I can’t really pinpoint anything that specifically inspired me. I guess that I always want my lyrics to mean something and for them to be personal, but on the other hand I didn’t expect writing to go the way that it did, but I’m glad that it did you know.

Can you talk us through what the title refers to and the album artwork for it?

Yeah so, the name A Different Shade of Blue is something that came to me a long time ago and it’s like the cover of Laugh Tracks is blue, and the cover of the Mistakes Like Fractures 7″ is blue so it’s a bit like, for one it’s a theme like that and two it means like sad or whatever so it’s also a play on that like it’s a different look into my personal life, and yeah that’s basically it. Album art wise, it was something that I worked on with my friend who plays in the band Life's Question, he designed the album art and the layout and stuff and me and him went back and forth for a very very long time trying to figure out like which direction we wanted to go with it. I knew that I wanted the song names on the front, and just have like a old jazz or country vibe to the album art and I think he did a great job of capturing that.

There are a couple of guest spots on the new album, Keith Buckley from Every Time I Die and Emma Booster from Dying Wish. Was it a conscious decision among the band to get them on this record?

Yeah, we got really close with the Every Time I Die guys when we toured with them like all year back in 2017. Working with Keith on the record was very laid back, because now that we’re friends we just reached out to him and asked if he wanted to work on this song. He was like “Yeah of course”, and he got it done and he crushed it! Same deal with Emma, we really wanted her to do vocals and it just all came together.

Do you just listen to metal and hardcore all the time or are there other styles of music you enjoy?

I like a lot of pop music, and I like a lot of country music, and our bass player likes a lot of electronic music. I guess our tastes are all over the place, but it’s not like what anyone would expect. I’ve actually been listening to Taylor Swift a lot recently, which is something that people wouldn’t expect. I can’t deny a catchy chorus, it gets stuck in your head which is what it's intended for.

Do you guys have any upcoming plans for an Australian tour?

Nothing we can talk about right now. However it’s definitely on the priority list as we love coming to Australia so it’ll definitely happen, I'm just not sure when, hopefully soon.

Listen to "By The Grave" below:

Knocked Loose’s sophomore album A Different Shade of Blue is out now via Pure Noise Records / Sony Music Australia.

Grab your copy here:

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