DragonForce Release New Track Accompanied By Retro Arcade Music Video

Today sees the release of a brand new video for DragonForce’s second single “Heart Demolition”. Inspired by classic arcade games, the retro look of the video perfectly completes the song’s fast and furious guitar sound and triumphant, uplifting melodies.

The supremely catchy and instantly memorable melodies that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with some outrageous speed, power, complex twin guitar wizardry and extreme metal drumming are just some of the qualities that separate this band from the masses. On September 27th, DragonForce will unleash their 8th full-length album Extreme Power Metal, worldwide. Having had its exclusive pre-premiere on the gaming video platform Twitch, the fun video for “Heart Demolition” can be watched below:



1. Highway to Oblivion 2. Cosmic Power of the Infinite Shred Machine 3. The Last Dragonborn 4. Heart Demolition 5. Troopers of the Stars 6. Razorblade Meltdown 7. Strangers 8. In a Skyforged Dream 9. Remembrance Day 10. My Heart Will Go On

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