Album Review: Fit For An Autopsy - The Sea Of Tragic Beasts

Artist: Fit For An Autopsy

Album: The Sea Of Tragic Beasts

Genre: Deathcore

Review by Sam Radojcin

When it comes down to deathcore, it’s quite black or white - you either love it or hate it, there really isn’t a middle ground and that can be positive or polarising depending on how you look at it. However, Fit For An Autopsy have an ability to transcend those notions and deliver music that will raise many an eyebrow with interest and intrigue – their latest, their fourth studio album 'The Sea Of Tragic Beasts' does just that and then some.

As with Fit For An Autopsy’s past efforts, you know there is certainly going to be something heavy and brutal going on. This onslaught is fueled with riffs and groove of the filthiest kind in cuts such as "Warfare", the title track "The Sea Of Tragic Beasts", "No Man Is Without Fear" with it’s frenetic staccato machine gun pace, "Shepherd’s" melo-death salvo and the thrash-like "Your Pain Is Mine" which could be likened to being hit in the ribs with a sledgehammer over and over. It hits hard – plain and simple. The different elements strewn out within the heaviness contrast quite well. "Mirrors" hits emotionally hard in a dark, brooding and dissonant feel without sacrificing any impact,

"Mourn" goes in more of an atmospheric feel with walls of effects like chorus and reverb washing over and the album closer "Napalm Dreams" takes on a dynamic and anthemic feel with emotionally driven choruses of “All I Wanted Was A Way Out” that hit that emotional place deep down. If this song doesn't make the live set, I'd be shocked. This is built to close the set every night.

With 'The Sea Of Tragic Beasts', Fit For An Autopsy have really hit one out of the park by delivering an vast of brutality and heaviness with an equal emphasis on melody, skill and composition. It’s safe to say they are one of the shining lights of the deathcore genre and even transcend what many of their contemporaries do. Things can only keep going up from here. 8.5 out of 10.

The Sea Of Tragic Beasts is out now on Nuclear Blast / Human Warfare.

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